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Grape Tomatoes


Grape tomatoes are shaped similarly to the oval plum tomatoes but have small size and sweetness of cherry tomatoes. Like cherry tomatoes, grapes are excellent eaten straight off the vine or on a fresh salad.

The 1999 AAS winner, Juliet Tomato, is a bright red, 1 oz. cherry tomato hybrid with a great sweet flavor that can't be beat! This tomato variety produces grape-like clusters on long, vigorous vines. The small and elongated fruit has a sweet flavor with an attractive glossy skin that is very crack resistant.

The Speckled Roman is a plum shaped tomato with a great flavor! This tomato variety is a beautiful colored tomato and when mature, has a bright red skin with golden streaks. This meaty tomato has a thick flesh that is excellent raw in salads, and cooks quickly into different sauces.

The Blush Tomato is part of the beautiful and tasty Artisan tomato collection and has a sweet, fruity flavor that is great for fresh eating. The delicious bright yellow tomato produces red marbling stripes when mature. The attractive Blush mixes beautifully with the other Artisan tomatoes.

2005 American Selection Tomato! Juicy half ounce fruits, pointed oval shape, reddish pink, very sweet. Ultra high sugar content (9.5 BRIX) make 1/2 ounce fruits irresistible. Very productive vines keep setting huge clusters of fruits all season long. Terrific curb appeal.

The Orange Banana Tomato is one of our favorite paste tomato varieties for home and market growers to dry, can and make pastes. This tomato variety is an orange colored, banana-shaped paste tomatoes that have a wonderful fruity sweetness. The Orange Banana Tomato is delicious and fresh, making it great for specialty markets.

The Large Red Cherry Tomato is the perfect little mouth watering fresh eating tomato that grows in clusters and is the perfect addition to salads! This variety grows on hardy vines, with green foliage that produces green fruits that may be picked early for pickling, while the ripe ones are used fresh or for preserves.

The Amish Paste Tomato is an excellent tomato with a wonderful, juicy taste for making tangy sauces or sliced for fresh eating! This tomato produces bright red 8-12 ounce fruits that vary greatly in shape from an oxheart variety to a rounded plum-shape.

The Porter Tomato is a very smooth, dark pink tomato variety that is perfect for canning, juicing or eating fresh in a salad! The 2 oz tomatoes have a round/plum body shape and the plant is very drought resistant, which makes them great for areas with little rain. The Porter is a high yielding plant that will give you an abundance of tasty tomatoes!