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Zinnia Seeds

Urban Farmer offers a wide selection of Zinnia seeds for sale. Zinnias make some of the best bouquets. Urban Farmer's collection of brilliant zinnias makes a striking statement and includes a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, including California Giant zinnias with blooms up to 6" across.

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How to Grow Zinnias

23 Results

The Senora Zinnia is a large double blooming flower that produces such a unique lush pink bloom, its hard not to look away! This flowerhead makes the perfect addition to any garden or bouquet. Like most zinnias, the Senora will bring hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden. The Senora thrives in the sun and can be enjoyed summer to frost, year after year!

The White Crystal Mexican Zinnia is a strong spreading plant that blooms beautiful white flowers that are perfect for hanging baskets! This variety gets high marks for its early growth and can grow to 8-10" tall and wide. The White Crystal Mexican is fast to bloom in only 8 to 10 weeks. The White Crystal Mexican is easy to grow and care with excellent severe weather tolerance of heat, humidity and drought and thrives in full sun.

The Polar Bear Zinnia is a beautiful and bright white variety that will make a lovely, bold statement in any meadow or home garden! This variety has a large bloom with white petals that are extremely easy to grow and long-lasting.

The vibrant, festive multi-colored and patterned blooms of the Whirligig Zinnia are sure to brighten up any garden or bouquet! These bushy zinnias are the perfect cut flower -- the more you cut, the more that will grow back! The Whirligig thrives in the sun and loves the summer heat. Enjoy these colorful zinnias all summer long!

The Zinnia Thumbelina Mix might be tiny, but it definitely is a show-stopper -- blooming shades of red, orange, yellow, pink and white! This zinnia is also a perfect cut flower and would add a pop of color to any bouquet. The Thumbelina mix is wonderful for attracting pollinators, like butterflies. Like most zinnias, the easy to grow Thumbelina Mix loves the summer heat and thrives in the sun.

The Cherry Queen Zinnia produces a large bloom with brilliantly-red petals that are extremely easy to grow and long-lasting. The beautiful red blooms make a bright, bold statement in the meadow or garden.

The State Fair Zinnia is a customer favorite and a State Fair winner for its jumbo 5" flowers that bloom in a wide range of colors! This tall, robust plant produces flowers that bloom in shades of red, yellow, orange, purple, pink, white and bicolors. State Fair is disease resistant with terrific sun and heat tolerance.

The California Giant Zinnia offers a full spectrum of large colorful flowers that make to be beautiful cut flowers in a bouquet or vase. The flat-petaled semi-double flowers are displayed on long, graceful stems. California giant is also an excellent backdrop for other annuals in flower beds and borders.

The Zinnia Cactus Flowered Mix is an unusual brightly colored mix, as they have beautiful quilled petals rather than flat ones like other varieties. This species is native to Mexico, and plants are fast-growing and long-blooming. Colors in our mixture include pink, purple, red, salmon, white and yellow. Zinnias are excellent for pollinator plantings and are especially attractive to butterflies.

The Cut and Come Again Zinnia is just like its name, its the best variety for those who love fresh cut flowers again and again! This wonderful variety blooms in a rainbow of colors and provides endless flowers from mid-summer all the way until frost, giving you a multitude of blooms to cut and bring indoors. Like all Zinnias, the Cut and Come Again is extremely easy to grow, deer resistant and attracts pollinators to the garden.

The bright, multi-colored sun-loving Sombrero Zinnia bursts of vivd red and yellow and will bloom all throughout spring and into early fall! This easy to grow zinnia is also great for attracting pollinators. The Sombrero is a wonderful cut flower, as it has a long vase life!

The brightly colored Zinnia Candy Mix is easy to grow and blooms delicious shades of red, yellow, pink and orange all summer long. This mix is a sweet treat for any garden! The heat loving zinnia is perfect for attracting butterflies to your garden or as a cut flower in a vase. Just like other zinnias, the more you cut the Candy Mix, the more it will grow back again!