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Poppy Seed

We offer a hand picked selection of poppy seeds that will grow great throughout the United States. From vibrant orange, reds, pink, white and yellow petals. Poppies are easy to care for once planted and offer a beautiful backdrop to any landscape. Poppies are an annual that should be planted every spring.

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How to Grow Poppies

The Iceland Poppy is a very long lasting and hardy, but short-lived perennial that looks lovely in any flower garden as well as cut in a vase. Either way, they self sow readily, and will last for years at a time. The large, cup shaped blooms have a texture like crepe paper and appear in a range of subdued pastel colors.

The Poppy Ballerina Mix is an unique variety of California Poppy that flowers crimped petals in shades of orange, yellow, rose, white and scarlet. This variety grows to be 8-14 inches tall. The Ballerina Mix is usually considered a hardy annual, as it can be a short-lived perennial in zones 8-10. This plant typically blooms in 55 days from seeding.

The Great Red Poppy is a brilliant, bright red flower that blooms on long, stalks that will give any garden a neat and uniform appearance. This poppy variety is extremely drought tolerant, ideal for arid environments. The Great Red has brilliant red, cup-shaped flowers that sit on long stalks and prefer full sun in light to sandy soils.

The California Poppy is a bright orange wildflower that is the most known poppy variety and will grow well throughout the United States. This poppy's foliage is absolutely beautiful and has flowers that close at night and open in the morning. Despite it's name, the California Poppy, grows well in hot or cold regions (annual) and is easy to establish.

The Park's Black Peony Poppy is an unique midnight black to deep dark maroon poppy that produces ruffled peony-like blooms! These incredible flowers will reach to be 4 feet tall and begin to bloom in early summer. The beautiful seedpods can be used dried in different arrangements. Park's Black Peony Poppy thrives in cool and dry climates as they do not do well in humid regions.

The Poppy Formula Mix is a beautiful blend of bright, multicolored blooms that will grow all throughout the United States. This mix grows well in hot or cold regions (annual) and is easy to establish. Its foliage is beautiful and its flowers close at night and open in the morning.