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(Lavandula) Lavender is a beautifully scented herb that is a must in any garden or backyard landscape. Let the wind carry its fragrance around the yard all summer long. Foliage is similar to rosemary, with beautiful long lasting purple blooms. Grows as an annual in Northern gardens.

The Munstead Lavender is a beautifully mounded, bushy lavender plant variety that gives off a very delicate, sweet aroma. This bushy variety produces very attractive fragrant, purple flowers that are perfect for adding to bouquets or garnished on baked goods.

The English Lavender is an improved lavender variety that offers 30% more young plants and a 80% minimum germination. This lavender is a popular variety for many bouquets that produces beautiful lilac flowers with lots of ornamental blue-gray leaves.

The Vera Lavender is a very popular home garden lavender variety that produces a lovely, strong lavender scent that can be used to freshen up the home. This lavender variety has several uses including both culinary and medicinal properties. The Vera lavender plants grow to be 18" to 36" tall and produces a profusion of lilac-purple flowers on silvery foliage.

A lavender that produces flowers the first year from seed. Produces a more consistent and early flower blooms. Deep purple-blue spikes top silvery-green mounded plants with vigorous branching habit. 12-16" tall and 6-8" wide when mature.