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Calendula Seed

Calendula are great to grow for healing salves, edible flowers, and vibrant color in the gardens. Frost-tolerant calendula blooms create a long-lasting garden display. Flowers are great for medicinal uses of antiseptic tinctures and healing skin ointments.

The Pacific Beauty Mix Calendula is a beautiful golden yellow and orange pot marigold that makes for excellent cut flowers. This Calendula variety is a customer favorites for brightening up a room in a vase or lending beauty to many dishes as edible flowers. This annual prefers cooler climates that look great in different containers and pots. The Pacific Beauty Mix's peak blooms occur in spring through summer.

The Balls Orange Calendula is an old-fashioned variety that has a large, fully double, orange blossoms that are perfect for cutting. This variety grows to be 24 inches tall and produces beautiful edible flower petals. The Balls Orange is suitable for cutting, beds and borders, and the pollinator garden.

The Fiesta Gitana Calendula is a dwarf variety produces attractive, bushy blooms of orange, yellow and gold edible petals. This variety grows 8 to 12 inches tall and is suitable for containers, beds and borders, and the pollinator garden.

An attention grabbing mix of Calendula colors with bicolor petals. The bottom side of each flower is burgundy giving it a unique contrast to other flowers. Produces 2-3" flowers with a mix of double and semidouble blooms. Also known as pot marigold, common marigold, and Scotch marigold.