Microgreens is fast becoming a popular market for both growers and chefs. Microgreens add flavor, texture and color to otherwise bland salads, sandwiches and meals. Most microgreens can be grown and harvested in 1-3 weeks. Microgreens also have higher nutritional values than sprouts and baby greens.

The Minowasw Daikon Radish is a delicious microgreen with a peppery flavor! This is a favorite microgreen to add to salads and sandwiches. The Minowase Daikon radish adds a spicy flavor, but with no bitter taste! This variety is one of the fastest growing microgreens available. Harvest in 10-15 days.

The spicy flavor, attractive purple stems, and green leaves of the Hong Vit Radish makes it a favorite among many growers! This radish variety is also a very fast growing microgreen. The Hong Vit grows straight with hairless attractive purple stems. Micro Hong Vit's leaves add a spicy flavor, visual appeal, and bulk to mixes!

The Florence Fennel Microgreen adds a crunchy mild fennel flavor and an extra kick when sprinkled on to any salad and sandwich! This microgreen variety has small thread like leaves that can easily be added to any meal. Harvest in 20-30 days.

The Dark Opal Basil Microgreen will add a strong, zesty aromatic basil flavor to any meal! This basil microgreen is great for salads, dips and sprinkling on entrees. The beautifully colored Dark Opal will also add some purple color to your meals. Harvest in 20-30 days.

The Large Leaf Italian Basil Microgreen will add a tangy aromatic basil flavor to any salad, dip, sandwich and entree. When harvested young, the Italian Basil microgreen has a strong sweet basil flavor. Ready to harvest in 20-30 days.

Early Wonder Beet is a very popular microgreen with vibrant leaves and a mild top! This microgreen has a slightly bitter taste with a hint of sweet beet. This beet microgreen variety is used like sprouts, as a garnish, gourmet salad, or sprinkled over entrées. Mix the Early Wonder Beet with other microgreens to make custom salads. Harvest in 20-30 days.

Fresh Start is a fast-growing baby leaf variety. It has medium-dark red petioles with well-defined veins and medium-dark green leaves that are very appealing. Fresh Start can be used for baby leaf or spring mix. Downy Mildew resistant. *Variety is for baby leaf or bunch greens only. Will not form a usable beet root

The Bouquet Dill is a zesty microgreen with a tangy dill flavor! This microgreen is one of our favorite zesty flavors to add to salads and sanwiches. The Bouquet Dill Microgreen has a dull tangy dill flavor that is somewhat similar to carrots and cilantro. Days to Harvest: 15-30 Days

The Bull's Blood Beet Microgreen adds a beautiful red color to any meal! In our opinion, Bull's Blood is the best beet microgreen around. This variety is not as bitter as other beets with a wonderful hint of a sweet beet flavor! This microgreen is excellent in gourmet salads or sprinkled over different entrées. Mix Bull's Blood with other microgreens to make custom microgreen salads. Harvest in 15-30 days.

Georgia Southern Collard Microgreen is a very flavorful and crisp microgreen that is a gourmet salad favorite! Georgia Southern Collard microgreen is used like sprouts, as a garnish, gourmet salad, or sprinkled over entrées. This microgreen variety has a cabbage-like flavor with a crisp flesh and a slightly bitter taste with a sweet aftertaste. Mix Georgia Southern Collard with other microgreens to make custom salads. Ready to harvest in 20-30 days.

The Sparkler Radish is a bright scarlet colored radish with a sweet, juicy flesh and snappy flavor. This variety's scarlet skin fades to white on lower 1/3 of its round, to round oval bulb. This radish's medium tops are perfect for both home and market gardens. Sparkler is 1-1.25 in. diameter.

The delicious Bok Choy Cabbage Microgreen adds a cabbage-like flavor and and crisp texture to any dish, making it of of the most popular microgreens around! This microgreen adds extra flavor to any salad and meal. Ready to harvest in 20-30 days.

Tendergreen Mustard is a delicious microgreen with slight mustard green flavor! This microgreen pairs well with any salad, sandwich or meal. Tendergreen is a fast growing microgreen that brings a slight bitter mustard flavor to dishes. Ready to harvest in 15-25 days.