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Peanut seeds for planting in home gardens. Grow your own plump nuts that are delicious when used for peanut butter, oil, roasting and much more. Easy and nutrient-rich, peanuts are a great addition for the home garden!

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How to Grow Peanuts

Wild Jungle Peanuts are delicious heirloom nuts that grow "wild" in the jungle of the Amazon! These peanuts are beautiful and great tasting. When eaten raw, the Wild Jungle peanuts are rich, aromatic and earthy. They are loaded with 40% heart healthy oleic acid and 26% protein. You can enjoy them by the handful, in trail mixes, or soaked and blended into nut milks.

Tennessee Red Valencia is a delicious, high yielding peanut with papery red seed covers! This easy to grow peanut variety produces two to five kernels per long pod. Tennessee Red peanuts are the most popular Valencia peanut variety grown today, as it is a heavy yielder. The Tennessee Red Valencia is known for their slightly smaller size and sweeter taste in comparison with Virginia or Spanish peanuts.

Jumbo Peanuts produce high yields of plump and tasty peanuts that are high in protein! This variety is a high yielding and delicious peanut plant. Jumbo is the perfect variety for roasting delicious fresh peanuts or making your own tasty homemade peanut butter. Seeds ship in shell.

The Spanish Peanut is a very popular heirloom variety that has high yields! This peanut variety produces two to three small kernels per pod. Spanish is a rapid growing, heavy bearing and compact plant with an upright growth habit.