An autumn staple, pumpkins are grown for both decorative and edible purposes. Pumpkins come in many shapes, sizes, colors and uses. From carving to baking you will find several varieties that will meet your needs.

The Harvest King will produce a consistent 25-35 lb. pumpkin. This larger variety has excellent yield and quality. Almost 100% of the pumpkin yields are marketable.

The Cinderella is an excellent pumpkin for canning or baking pies and pumpkin bread as it has a great eating quality! This pumpkin variety is an heirloom variety from France that was selected out of the older variety, Rouge vif d'Etampes. Cinderella has deep ridges and exceptional flatening, making it a beautiful decoration for Halloween and other other fall festivities. This variety's vines are very productive with pumpkins that have grooved, thick walls.

The Howden is a larger improved Connecticut Field type. This pumpkin's rich orange hard rind is uniform and symmetrical with a thick flesh. The Howden variety is a good keeper and can grow to be 20-25 lbs. The Howden Pumpkin plant has large spreading vines and is Black Rot tolerant.

These beautiful little carving pumpkins are great for smaller growing areas. Mature at just over 4" in diameter and 3.5" tall. Produce uniform, golden-orange fruit are topped with a sturdy, broad, deep green handle and are just right for fall decorating indoors and out. The semi-bush plants send out short, 4–6 foot vines and set an astonishing dozen or more fruit per plant.

Early Abundance is a high producer in a short amount of time. Great for late season planting if needed. Semi-vining pumpkin plant that yields 4-7lb. fruits. Tasty flesh is good for pies and treats. Shallow ribs with dark orange color. Early Abundance pumpkin also offers intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.

The Yellow of Paris Pumpkin is a large yellow to peach colored pumpkin that is an old French native that is still popular today. These large, flattened round beauties are very similar to Cinderella pumpkins and can weigh up to 50 pounds! This variety is mainly used for making pies, soup or baked. The Yellow of Paris is known for its delicious, tender flavor when cooked.

Early King is great for short growing seasons or planting late in the season. Produces full vines with good yields of 25+ lb. pumpkins. Has a medium-dark orange color and medium sized ribs. Strong stems with tallish-round shape. Good resistance to powdery mildew.

A perfect mini pumpkin for children and halloween decorations. Baby Bear is a small size with uniform shape. Most pumpkins weight about 2lbs at harvest. An excellent pumpkin for u-picks with sturdy and easy to grip stems for children. This pumpkin is also delicious for using in baked pies and other roasted snacks. Can produce high yields. Superior storage quality. AAS winner.

The Mammoth Gold Pumpkin is a smooth, molted pink golden-orange, faintly ribbed and irregular shaped pumpkin. This variety grows to have an 18-24" diameter and weighs in usually between 40-60 lbs. but can get to be over 100 lbs.! The Mammoth Gold's thick pale yellow-orange flesh is edible but coarse, and can be used for pies as well as novelty.

The size of the First Prize Pumpkin will range from 50 lbs. to a whopping 150 lbs. with a bright color superior to the Atlantic types. Truly a first prize, this pumpkin variety will be a great addition for those who want the biggest and best. The First Prize matures in 120 days from planting on vigorous vines. This pumpkin is compared to Prizewinner F1.

The Autumn Buckskin F1 Pumpkin is a buff colored dickenson hybrid that was selected especially for both baking and decorative purposes. This slightly flattened, hardy pumpkin is 8 x 13 inches big weighing at 12-15 pounds! This plant has large vines to produce up to 5 pumpkins per plant.

Dating back to the 1700's, the Connecticut Field is one of the oldest American pumpkin varieties around! This large variety can grow 15 to 20 pound globes that are flattened on the ends. This old favorite will usually average 12 inches in height and diameter. The Connecticut Field's rind is hard but thin and slightly ribbed with a sweet, thick and course flesh.

Captain Jack is an extra-large, dark orange Jack O’Lantern-type pumpkin. Its thick flesh and flat bottom enables the fruit to stand on its own. Extremely large, thick embedded handles match the large size of this pumpkin. Large and vigorous plants can support several fruit. Grows to 35-45lbs. in size.

The Spookie Pumpkin is a very uniform pumpkin with a great tasting inside. This high yielding, dark orange pumpkin grows to be 6-8" around, weighing about 5-6 lbs. Spookie is a cross between Sugar Pie and Jack O' Lantern, with vines yielding very uniform, excellent quality fruits that make for a great cooking and decorative pumpkin.

A great pumpkin for compact growing and Powder Mildew is a concern. Magic Lantern’s produces classic size pumpkins in the 16-24 lb. range with bright orange skins and attractive medium ribs. Growers note good crown set on Magic Lantern’s vines, as well as higher yield per acre from closer planting.

Just like its name, the Halloween Pumpkin, or also known as the Jack'O Lantern, is the perfect porch decoration for Halloween! This variety is also a popular pumpkin standard. Halloween is an easy to grow pumpkin that will give you greatest patio decoration around!

Eye grabbing pumpkins that are great for fall decorations. A flat shaped with wide ribs on a unusual yellow-orange skin. Small fruits only weight 1/2 lb. at maturity and produces good yields. Medium vine plant habit. Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.

The Jack Be Little is a small pumpkin that is popular in many floral arrangements! This new miniature pumpkin is ideal for small Jack'O Lanterns and other decorations. These easy to grow plants bear several small pumpkins per plant. The Jack Be Little pumpkins are edible, but are more highly valued for their decorative value and will last for months if properly cured!