Grasses, Ornamental

Ornamental Grasses Seed

Ornamental grasses can add beauty and allure to any landscape! They are the perfect decoration in any flower bed, border or even cut-flower arrangements. Our selection of ornamental grasses can add the perfect touch to any home garden.

The Little Bluestem is a warm season ornamental grass that actively grows during the summer when soil temperatures are warm. This variety can do well in moist situations. The Little Bluestem produces a beautiful coppery pink and blue hue that can be enjoyed all year round.

The Stipa Pony Tails is a popular ornamental grass that blooms from late spring to fall and tolerates most growing conditions well. This grass has a weeping habit and width of 18" inches, making it an excellent container plant. The Stipa Pony Tails tolerates most growing conditions well.

A large clump of brown panicles, which hang from striking upright stems, rise up from a non-spreading clump of fine-textured blades. Very similar to pampas grass, this hardy, long-lived, evergreen specimen will remain attractive all winter long. A strong growing plant that can be a focal point for a sunny location in your garden.

Produces branched stems on attractive, cylindrical flower spikes. A slightly later flowering of bronze-purple blooms with yellow pollen, very attractive ornamental foliage grass. Young-plants require sufficient warmth.

Produces an upright growing clump up to 6' tall. Grows arching reed-like stems bearing congested tight whorls of branchlets with fine foliage. In spring appear the flowers which, for female plants, are a deep pink, while male flowers are pale yellow-green. Plant in full sun to light shade in a well-drained soil and irrigate regularly to occasionally.

The Miscanthus Ornamental Grass is a new strain of grass that has a more vigor than previous types of ornamental grasses. This variety produces creamy flower plumes that top gracefully arching, striking leaves that turn a rich gold in fall. The Miscanthus can reach a height of 6-7 feet!

A common grass in wet or moist habitats in temperate to cold temperatures. The stems of sedges are solidly filled with pith, and do not have nodes. They are triangular in cross section. The leaves are arranged in three rows, with sheaths usually fused around the stem. Leaf blades of sedges are usually grass-like; with evergreen or semi-evergreen foliage.

The Pampas is a beautiful and large ornamental grass that will grow its long, silky plumes in the late summer so it can be enjoyed all throughout fall. This variety can grow to be 6 to 12' feet tall!

Ornamental grass that grows in an upright, clumping habit. Fine-textured foliage emerges green, fading to tan. Fluffy, cream-colored flowers emerge in summer. Excellent, non-invasive substitute for Mexican feather grass.

Carex comosa is a large tufted wetland sedge. The narrow leaves are lime green and shiny. In late spring triangular culms rise above the foliage to 5’ bearing large chartreuse bottlebrush shaped spikes. Attractive warm brown seed spikes follow. This bold sedge flourishes in sun or part sun in damp or wet sites. Plants prosper in difficult wet mucky soils or even in shallow water.

The Big Bluestem is a warm season ornamental grass that actively grows during the summer when soil temperatures are warm but is beautiful all year round. This variety is a big plant, getting over six feet tall in most situations! In a landscape, the Big Bluestem can be used as an accent. This ornamental grass has a great fall color in the range of gold and pink.

Indian Steel is a clump-forming perennial grass with an upright, open habit typically growing upwards of 5' tall. Under the right circumstances it can be 7-8' tall. Features slender (1/2" wide), blue-green leaf blades (8-12" long) which turn yellow in fall and retain some gold color throughout the winter.

Dichelachne crinita, commonly known as the longhair plume grass, is a type of grass found in Australia, New Zealand and islands off the Pacific Ocean. It is often seen on sandy soils near the sea as well as woodlands. The flowering panicles are open and feathery at maturity.

Papyrus is native to Africa and produces tall, clump forming, gentle perennial sedge that features a grass like cluster of triangular green stems that rise from thick, woody rhizomes. Each stem is topped by an umbrella like growth that contains hundreds of narrow arching thread-like rays. Greenish brown flower clusters appear at the ends of the rays. Flowers give way to brown, nut like fruits that your birds will love. Grows best in zones 9-10.

Slender Reed Mace (Typha angustifolia) is an excellent choice for medium to large garden ponds. It is extremely elegant, produces tight clumps that don't spread as easily as other varieties.

Early Hybrids, aka. Japanese Silver Grass, is a beautiful ornamental grass that makes a dramatic addition to any garden area. It features green foliage and silvery plumes, and it can reach 7' tall and 3' wide.

A large reed-like plant with long dark green stems that produce male and female flowers. Flowers are dark brown and can sometimes appear almost black. Individual flowers are almost microscopic and can number anywhere from 50 to over 500 flowers per stem.

Produces strong bronze-colored plumes that are beautiful in floral arrangements. 3–6" pendulous heads.