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Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea Seed

Sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus) are very popular amount gardeners for their rich smells and range of reds, blues and purples. Are sweet pea flowers have been developed over the years to give growers bicolors, streaks and picotee patterns. Sweet Peas are great for borders and floral arrangements.

The Sweet Pea Bijou Mix is a wonderful blend of brightly colored purple, pink and white sweet peas that is perfect for window boxes, borders or flower beds. This sweet pea mix is truly a favorite for its beautiful array of blooms!

The High Knee Sweet Pea is a semi-dwarf, bushy-flowered variety with a mix of lavender, pink, purple, red, salmon & white flowers. As with all Sweet Peas, this variety does best in regions with cool summer temperatures and do not do well in hot, humid summers. Use mulch to keep the soil cool and provide good air circulation for best growth. The Knee High produces long-lasting cut flowers.

The Sweet Pea Heirloom Mix is a beautiful and colorful blend of heirloom sweet peas that is perfect for old-fashioned and fragrant gardens. This sweet pea mixture is composed of old-fashioned and heirloom varieties that are still popular today. The Heirloom Mix includes lavender, pink, purple, red, salmon and white sweet peas.

The Sweet Pea Royal Family Mix is a popular old standard variety that blooms its bright, colored flowers best in cool spring weather. This mix produces very large blooms with solid colors of lavender, pink, purple, red, salmon and white.

The Sweet Pea Mammoth Mix has long stems and very large flowers, which makes it ideal for the commercial cut flower grower. The long lasting flowers come in a mix that includes salmon pink, lavender, blue, deep rose, scarlet and crimson.

The Old Spice Sweet Pea is a beautiful old climbing variety that have heat resistant and highly scented flowers that smell even better than they look! The flowers are derived from the old Eckford series and are somewhat smaller than modern strains. The Old Spice is a good variety where summer heat will not usually allow sweet peas to grow well.