Sunflower Seed

Helianthus (Sunflowers) are always customer favorites because of their beautiful color, large size and ease of growing. Easily create a beautiful border or field of sunflowers for everyone to marvel at.

A double headed bloom sunflower with bright-golden flowers. Blooms reach 6-7" in diameter with green-yellow centers. Minimal pollen. Branching.

ProCut® Horizon is perfectly named for it's upward facing blooms opening with rich overlapping orange petals surrounding a traditional dark disk. These flowers are sure to grab anyones attention. ProCut® Horizon is a cut flower grower’s dream hybrid with consistently high usable stem yields providing showy bunches in the market place and stunning bouquets. This sunflower is pollen-free and day length neutral. It consistently produces plants with strong stems at each planting.

American Giant F1 pushes the label of “giant” to new frontiers in sunflower gardening. The American Giant is a quite large sunflower, really it is huge sunflower. Almost everybody saves a corner of the garden to pull out all the stops and grow a giant sunflower specimen using all their fertilizer and watering tricks. American Giant Hybrid was developed especially to respond to your best gardening efforts. It is a huge (and we mean, huge) improvement on the old garden varieties that you nursed along in the garden only to see them fall to the ground with the first big wind after flowering. American Giant Hybrid grows tall and stays standing long after the others fall. In fact, you may have to literally get out a saw and cut it down at the end of the year. Or leave it through the winter for the birds and squirrels to enjoy the seeds and to remind your neighbors of your gardening prowess. Don’t believe that the American Giant is a huge sunflower? We have seen it grow as tall as 17 feet! Now, that is a large sunflower.

The beautiful giant golden flowerhead of the Elite Sun Sunflower is ideal to use as a border around a garden or even in large containers. This annual blooms its bright yellow flowers all summer long! The Elite Sun is a shorter Sunflower that can grow to be around 3 feet tall. This sunflower is easy to grow and its seeds can be toasted for a delicious snack!

The Goldeneye F1 Sunflower is a beautiful 100% pollen-less single headed variety that can be enjoyed all throughout the season. This beauty can grow up to four feet tall and has bright sunny blooms. Its core starts out as pale green and then matures to a light brown color.

The Santa Fe Sunrise F1 Sunflower is an absolute stunner, as its bright, golden yellow petals resembles the colors of a sunrise. This beautiful sunflower reaches to be 5-6 feet tall and is pollen-less. Enjoy the blooms of the Santa Fe Sunrise all throughout the season!

The Mardi Gras Blend Tall Sunflower is a beautiful mixture of pale yellow to dark red colors that will look beautiful in any garden. This free flowering mix is filled with multiple branched and flowered plants with strong stems. The flower heads will grow to be 5 inches when bloomed and make for a stunning cut flower. This tall blend will get to be 6-7 feet tall.

The Canyon Sunset F1 Sunflower is a lovely single-headed, pollen-less sunflower variety that can grow to be up to 7 feet tall! This beautiful variety has golden petals and a brown face that does well in bouquets and will last up to a week as a cut flower. Its pretty, large 9-11 inch heads are definitely head-turners!

The Star Chaser F1 Sunflower is the ultimate classic tall, bright green faced and sunny-yellow petaled sunflower variety! This 8 foot variety is the perfect choice for planting along fences. The pollen-less sunflower is not quite big enough to be a giant variety, but it has the benefit of not shedding pollen in your house as a cut flower.

ProCut® Orange Excel produces the deepest orange color with upright facing flowers on single stems. ProCut® Orange Excel is slightly faster to flower than ProCut® Orange and has that same consistent and dependable ProCut® performance with overlapping petals. Spectacular vibrant orange bouquets will awe your customers.

The Santa Fe Sunset F1 Sunflower is a gorgeous single bloom variety with light orange to deep burgundy petals resembling a sunset. This pollen-less variety grows to be 5 to 6 feet tall that is multi-heading so you can continue to cut the side branches up to a month. This stunning sunflower can be used for home gardening or market growing.

The Starburst F1 Sunflower is a full-faced, classic brown headed yellow variety that is perfect for any summer garden or windowsill. This 7-6 foot tall beauty is a pollen-less hybrid with long yellow petals that have a touch of orange at the base. This sunflower matures in just 75 days and produces large 9-10 inch long heads.

The Classic Gold F1 Sunflower makes the perfect cut flower, as its bright sunny color will look amazing in any windowsill! With its golden-yellow blooms and yellow-green heart, this sunflower is a showstopper. Enjoy this beauty in just 55-70 days!

Classic bicolor variety, now with downy mildew resistance. A beautiful burst of bronzy red on orange tipped petals makes ProCut® BiColor unique. ProCut® BiColor is perfect for bouquets. Can be arranged by itself or with other flowers. When you think about autumn colors, you have to include ProCut® BiColor in your planting. These sunflowers are absolutely the best single stem cutting bicolor sunflower available to growers. Like all the ProCuts, it is pollenless.

The Velvet Queen Sunflower produces huge, beautiful velvety red blooms that are absolutely unforgettable in the garden or a vase. This variety can measure up to 8 inches across and will very freely bloom all summer long. The Velvet Queen is truly the queen of sunflowers!

Mammoth Grey Striped Sunflower is a tall plant with massive blooms that are easy to grow and can thrive in poor soil with little moisture. This large sunflower grows upwards of 12 feet tall and produces flower heads that will range from 6-15" inches.

Lemon Pixie is a dwarf sunflower with beautiful light lemon petals! Lemon Pixie is a very compact branching mini that is loaded with lemon flowers creating a carpet of bright color. It’s perfect for pots or in border plantings maintaining a round bushy appearance throughout flowering. Ht. 12-24". Avg. 1,200 seeds/oz. Packet: 50 seeds.

High quality sunflower with erect heads and overlapping petals. Now includes downy mildew resistance. Produces a light green golden centers of this single head pollen free sunflower are surrounded with deep golden petals. This flower is perfect alone or in mixes with other light-centered sunflowers Starburst™ Greenburst or ProCut® White Lite. It also mixes very nicely with blue and purple flowers to give a light spring-like feeling to your bouquet!