Sunflower Seed

Helianthus (Sunflowers) are always customer favorites because of their beautiful color, large size and ease of growing. Easily create a beautiful border or field of sunflowers for everyone to marvel at.

ProCut® White Nite is a one of a kind. It produces beautiful flowers that open with a creamy vanilla color quickly turning white in a few days of sunlight contrasted with a dark center. Flowers grow on a single stem making it great for cut arrangements.

The Vincent's® Fresh Sunflower is a beautiful, non nodding, pollen-free variety that is sure to be your new garden favorite! This long-lasting and eye-catching sunflower does not depend on daylength to grow, so you can start the seeds much earlier! Vincent's Fresh can reach about 5 feet high and produce large gold blooms with a pale green center. Enjoy Vincent's Fresh in your garden and in your home as a cut flower! Ht. 60–72". Avg. 620 seeds/oz. Packet: 50 seeds.

Red Lemon BiColor is a beautiful sunflower with lemon petals that blend into a red center. This is a unique blend that hasn't been replicated. The red color on the petals diffuses over the lemon base giving a soft almost pinkish color to the flower as it opens.

The Dwarf Sungold Double Sunflower is easy to grow and produces unique, soft golden yellow blooms that are sure to grab your attention! This shorter variety is great for garden borders and makes an excellent cut flower.

The Autumn Beauty Sunflower produces a stunning mixture of bright warm colored sunflowers that look amazing together in a bouquet. This variety is a strong stemmed bloom that grows on tall branching plants producing an abundance of cut flowers for casual bouquets. The Autumn Beauty's unusual colors vary from deep yellow to gold and from brick red to burgundy, as well as bicolor flowers with yellow on red or brown on yellow.

The Zohar Sunflower is a beautiful sunflower with bright, golden orange petals that grow on a single stem and are pollen-less. This uniform, early sunflower variety has 4-6" blooms on long stems.

The Velvet Queen Sunflower produces huge, beautiful velvety red blooms that are absolutely unforgettable in the garden or a vase. This variety can measure up to 8 inches across and will very freely bloom all summer long. The Velvet Queen is truly the queen of sunflowers!

ProCut® White Lite is beautiful sunflower with lush white petals that border a light colored center on single stems. This white sunflower can be used in countless arrangements. ProCut® White Lite offers a soft delicate color while still providing that eye-catching sunflower impact. Goes great with other flower blends.

Tinies is a perfect burst of mixed colors on short stature branching plants. Tinies is an early maturing sunflower and will bloom before other sunflowers. Think of handfuls of small flowers on 6-10" stems perfect for a small vase or hand bouquet. Tinies’ flowers have a range of pastel colors all with a splash of red. You can use Tinies in the foreground in any sunny location in your garden and enjoy the array of colors! Ht. 12-24". Avg. 620 seeds/oz. Packet: 50 seeds.

Now with Downy Mildew Resistance (DMR). Greenburst DMR has a yellow golden semi-double flower bursting around a green center. Provides a similar look to Gerberas, but of course, they have much longer stems. Flowers are profuse on branching plants. Give Greenburst DMR ample spacing and it branches abundantly over a long period. Is an excellent cutflower and blends well with other sunflowers. Pollen-less. Ht. 48-72". Avg. 620 seeds/oz. Packet: 50 seeds. NOTE: Downy mildew in sunflowers can still survive in infected soils. Cool and wet soils tend to have more issues with DM. Symptoms include damping-off, stunted plants, yellowing leaves, and the presence of downy, white mildew on the undersides of the leaves.

ProCut® Orange Excel produces the deepest orange color with upright facing flowers on single stems. ProCut® Orange Excel is slightly faster to flower than ProCut® Orange and has that same consistent and dependable ProCut® performance with overlapping petals. Spectacular vibrant orange bouquets will awe your customers.

ProCut® Orange is the original beauty. This is the perfect cutting sunflower that everyone should grow. Perfectly shaped overlapping orange petals that surround a pollenless dark brown center disc define the beauty of ProCut ®Orange. This is a true day neutral cultivar that flowers quickly at all latitudes, and we agree. ProCut® Orange is the first choice of professional and hobby growers everywhere who are looking for that traditional sunflower appearance.

Lemon Pixie is a dwarf sunflower with beautiful light lemon petals! Lemon Pixie is a very compact branching mini that is loaded with lemon flowers creating a carpet of bright color. It’s perfect for pots or in border plantings maintaining a round bushy appearance throughout flowering. Ht. 12-24". Avg. 1,200 seeds/oz. Packet: 50 seeds.

Classic bicolor variety, now with downy mildew resistance. A beautiful burst of bronzy red on orange tipped petals makes ProCut® BiColor unique. ProCut® BiColor is perfect for bouquets. Can be arranged by itself or with other flowers. When you think about autumn colors, you have to include ProCut® BiColor in your planting. These sunflowers are absolutely the best single stem cutting bicolor sunflower available to growers. Like all the ProCuts, it is pollenless.

The Western Sunflower is a non-aggressive Helianthus species that is an easy, well-behaved flower that produces beautiful blooms. This variety has minimal leaves at the bottom and small flowers at the top of 3' stems. Western spreads by rhizomes on mostly sunny sites with medium to dry soils.

A double headed bloom sunflower with bright-golden flowers. Blooms reach 6-7" in diameter with green-yellow centers. Minimal pollen. Branching.

The Star Chaser F1 Sunflower is the ultimate classic tall, bright green faced and sunny-yellow petaled sunflower variety! This 8 foot variety is the perfect choice for planting along fences. The pollen-less sunflower is not quite big enough to be a giant variety, but it has the benefit of not shedding pollen in your house as a cut flower.

ProCut® Brilliance is absolutely stunning. You won't be able to turn away the first time you see it. This single head pollen- free sunflower is perfect for cutting. Its petals are a unique combination of yellow on the outside that intensifies to orange near the dark center of the head. The result is a brilliant explosion of color that grabs your eye.