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Crop Supports

Crop Supports

Tomato cages, vegetable supports, garden staples and more. A wide selection of garden supports for a successful garden.

Safely tie and secure limbs and vines! Soft Plant TiesĀ are soft and pliable using a high quality rubber coating with strong wire core, allowing for softness on the outside while providing overall strength. Comes in 15' intervals.

Natural just twine is strong and 100% natural. Use for gardening or any other household job! 400 feet per roll.

Made from heavy duty nylon netting that is ideal for growing tomatoes, peas, and vining crops!

This stretch tie is great for growing plants. It will safely expand as your plants grow. Strong and durable. 150 feet per roll. 150 feet per roll.

Great for crop support trellis for vegetables and flowers. Suspend above ground so plants can be supported as they grow upwards. Great for hydroponic plant support as well.