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Salvia Seed

Salvias are such an attractive groundcover. These beautiful plants bloom in late spring and summer. These popular flowers can grow up to 2 feet tall and make the perfect decorative groundcover in any garden.

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How to Grow Salvia

The Blue Spire Salvia is a tall, beautiful and beefy bright blue-purple flowering plant that is a customer favorite for landscaping. These Salvia plants can reach up to 3 feet tall and are very drought tolerant.

The Victoria Salvia is a large, beautiful violet-blue blooming flower on compact plants that will definitely be sure to catch your eye! The spiky blooms spread to 14" inches across. The Victoria is a favorite for being best for color intensity and duration of blooms.

The Rose Queen Salvia blooms its beautifully bright pink, bushy flowers heavily in the early summer and repeating until fall. This variety is a sun-lover and produces 20" inch spikes of beautiful blooms on bushy stems.