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Phlox Seed

Phlox are beautiful plants that produce masses of clusters with bright colorful flowers. Enjoy these blooms midsummer to fall! Phlox is a showstopper in any garden or container and will brighten up any home as a cut flower in a vase!

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How to Grow Phlox

The Red Annual Phlox is is a favored variety that produces beautiful bright red blooms that and is easily one of the most beautiful wildflowers around. This variety only grows to be 1' tall, blooming vibrant lipstick-shade red blooms that can grow anywhere.

The Phlox Annual Mix is a combination of red, purple, pink and white hued blooms, making it one of the most beautiful wildflowers around! This variety only grows to 1' tall and can grow anywhere.

The Moody Blues Phlox is an eye-catching variety that will add a beautiful shades of satiny whites, blues and violets to any garden! This fragrant bushy flower blooms from summer to fall and is loved by butterflies and bees. Even though its name is "moody," it is actually quite easy to care for and is great in a patio container. To encourage a longer flowering time, trim back the Moody Blues after the first bloom fades.

The Divaricata Phlox is a beautiful blue to lavender colored variety that gives off a wonderful aroma, making it a home garden favorite! This fragrant variety is a showstopper in any garden, container or vase!