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(Arctium) Burdock is Asian root that does well in winter markets. High in both vitamins and minerals, these roots are well know for their medicinal qualities. A very hardy vegetable that stores over winter well.

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How to Grow Burdock

The Chiko Burdock is a nutritious root with a curative medicinal property! Burdock is perfect for winter markets. The long roots of the burdock are among the hardiest of root vegetables, and not only overwinter in the garden easily for spring digging but also store well. The roots grow 12"-24" with skinny 1" diameters. Soil must be tilled deep for the long growth of these roots. Roots have a light brown skin and semi-straight bodies. Market with herbs, Asian greens, or include in root bunches. For fall, winter, and spring harvest and storage. Can be overwintered in soil, much the same as parsnips. Medicinal: Used as a gentle laxative and to help eradicate uric acid. Some active ingredients are known to be effective antibacterials and antifungals. Enhances performance of many of the organs which purify the body and eliminate toxins or waste (like the kidneys, liver, colon, etc).