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Fresh watermelons are a staple of 4th of July cookouts all the way until Labor Day! Know for their delicious taste, and refreshing taste on a hot summer day. We offer both Icebox, Picnic and Seedless (triploid) watermelons that grow great anywhere.
28 Results

The Tendersweet Orange Watermelon is an excellent quality watermelon with a unique juicy, bright orange flesh with a wonderful sweet flavor. This unique watermelon also is a kid favorite with it's bright coloring.

The Charleston Grey Watermelon is an unique, large, oblong very sweet picnic watermelon that has a very good storage ability! This beautiful light green variety has a marbled surface with a bright red colored flesh and a firm rind. This variety weighs between 25-35 lbs when harvested and is a good shipper.

The Orange Crunch Watermelon makes the perfect market watermelon with its exceptional shelf life and beautiful orange flesh. This round watermelon is a round to slightly oval shaped fruit that has a very crisp orange flesh that is firm with a high brix. The Orange Crunch is a sweet Crimson Sweet type watermelon with shell striping and very few seeds!

The Congo Watermelon is a wonderful tasting, gigantic sized, long, dark green watermelon that can grow to be up to 50 lbs.! This variety produces a firm and sweet flesh that has 9.4% sugar. As a fully grown watermelon, it can be over 2' long and 1' wide! It's skin has deep green stripes on a medium green body.

The Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon is an excellent smaller sized watermelon that is perfect for the home garden and roadside stands. This sweet, scarlet "icebox" melons grow on space-saving vines only 3-1/2' long. Sugar Baby watermelons save space in the garden and in the refrigerator. The only thing big about this little round watermelon is the wonderful flavor - rich, juicy and incredibly sweet!

The Sweet Princess Watermelon has a thin tough rind with yellow-green and med-green stripes and a sweet crisp deep-pink flesh. The 15 x 8 in. watermelon can get to be about 20-30 lbs. and is FW AN1 and AN3 resistant. This Watermelon variety contains very small seed and has a juicy sweet taste. The Sweet Princess makes to be a good shipper.

The All Sweet Watermelon has a firm, crisp flesh that is, just like in its name, very sweet! This is a great watermelon for warmer areas. The All Sweet is the perfect addition to any garden if you are looking for a sweet flavor with a great texture.

The Crimson Sweet Watermelon has an excellent quality crimson red flesh that has a delicious, crisp and very sweet taste. This popular watermelon variety is widely adapted. The Crimson Sweet is a home garden favorite for a reason!

The Regency F1 Watermelon has a tough, medium-thick gray-green rind with a juicy sweet pink flesh that is perfect on a hot summer day! This variety can weigh at least 30 pounds. The Regency F1 produces long fruit that is resistant to fusarium wilt, anthracnose 1, hollow heart, white heart, ground neck and sunburn.

The Dixie Queen Watermelon is a fast growing, very popular, large watermelon that is perfect for taking to summer picnics! This variety is an old-time variety that has been a garden staple since 1935. This watermelon flesh is bright red in color and is very solid and juicy. The Dixie Queen's smooth skin is a greenish ivory color with dark green stripes.

The Harvest Moon Seedless is a seedless Moon and Stars watermelon type! This variety is a new twist on the old favorite with a dark green rind with characteristic markings of small yellow "stars" and larger yellow "moons." This watermelon has a crisp, sweet red flesh is seedless with an excellent flavor. The Harvest Moon Seedless Watermelon is earlier to ripen with shorter vines and a higher yield of smaller melons than the heirloom Moon and Stars. This medium-sized, 8-13 lb. oval watermelon averages 2-3 fruits per plant.

The Jubilee Watermelon is a sun-loving, dark green striped watermelon with a very sweet red flesh that is perfect for a picnic or hot summer day! The Jubilee can grow to be 25-40 pounds. This watermelon is also disease resistant making it perfect for home gardens. Enjoy this large beauty all summer long!