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(Petroselinum crispum) Parsley is a bitter herb that a slight aromatic smell. Dark green leaves with a fern like appearance. Great for borders in a garden. Mainly used as an attractive garnish on meals. Parsley is packed with vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin C and potassium.

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How to Grow Parsley

The Evergreen Parsley is a dark green curly variety with an excellent flavor, fresh or dried, and is an All-American Selection winner for a reason! This Parsley is frost resistant and grows vigorously. Evergreen is perfect for adding to soups, salads or even as a garnish. Certified Organic. Learn more about our organic seeds.

The Triple Curled Parsley has beautifully intense triple curled leaves with dark green stems that look great as a garnish. This is a popular variety that is easy to grow, clean and harvest.

The Krausa Parsley is an excellent tripled curled parsley variety with beautiful, heavy-bearing ornamental leaves that are almost too pretty to cut! This parsley variety has dense, attractive dark green leaves on strong stalks. The nice texture of the Krausa Parsley leaves is perfect fresh or dried.

The Hamburg Rooted Parsley is a unique looking, old heirloom variety that is used for both its delicious leaves and roots! This parsley is mostly grown for its large roots that make superb soups and stews, but its leaves are also tasty in sauces or as a garnish.

The Forest Green Parsley is a delicately curled and compact variety that has long stems with dark green, double and tripled curled leaves. This type of parsley does well in containers and inside growing. Use the Forest Green's beautiful and delicious leaves fresh or dried.

The Italian Plain Leaf Parsley is an attractive parsley variety that used to garnish many dishes like fish, sauces or pastas! This parsley variety is our most familiar herb, widely employed as a culinary garnish for more than 2,000 years, but it is seldom eaten.

The Giant of Italy Parsley is an attractive and large growing parsley with dark green leaves that are known for being easy to cut! This variety has strong stems, making it one of the best parsleys for fresh market sales. The very high yielding Giant of Italy is a customer favorite for a reason!