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Ipomoea Seed

Ipomoea, or Morning Glory, is the best start to the day with its brightly colored flowers in full blooms early in the morning. These fast growing plants are very adaptable and will attractive bees and butterflies to the garden. At Urban Farmer, we have the highest quality Ipomoea seeds that grow into a beautiful addition to any garden.

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How to Grow Ipomoea

The Crimson Rambler Ipomoea is one of the most popular flowering vines that produces a profusion of beautiful pink 4" trumpet-shaped flowers. These dense vines can grow to be 15 feet longer!

The Tall Mix Morning Glory is a combination of beautifully colored morning glories with heart shaped leaves and fuzzy vines that are super easy to grow! The Morning Glory is one of the most popular flowering vines and this variety produces a profusion of 4" inch, trumpet shaped flowers of indigo blue, maroon and white. These tall vines can grow up to 10+ feet tall! This mix blooms during the early morning hours and closes once the afternoon sun reaches them. The Tall Mix is attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies and also easily self-seeds.

The Grandpa Ott Ipomoea is a classic Morning Glory that produces beautiful deep purple blooms with a small, bright pink center! This favored variety is a tall growing vine flower that will climb up walls and fences. The Grandpa Ott's beautiful blooms open up to reveal its lovely petals. This variety is one of the easiest morning glories to grow!

The Heavenly Blue Ipomoea produces an abundance of big blooms of radiant blue flowers with cheery white throats that always attract attention! The Heavenly Blue variety is what most people picture when they think of Morning Glories. The soft blooms offer a delicate color on a vigorous, dense and carefree vine. The cheery white eye adds to the appeal of these blooms, which swirl open in the morning and then close again in afternoon.

The Giant White Ipomoea, or moonflower, is an enormous flowering plant that is a fragrant standard for any fence or trellis that blooms at night! This variety is a vigorous, easy to grow flower that grows up a vine upwards of 15 feet if given support. Its large 5-6" pure white blooms open at night to release its spectacular perfume-like aroma. Grow the Giant White near your porch so you can sit out at night and enjoy the night breezes all the more! There is nothing more spectacular than the sight of these under a full moon trellised along a fence or wall as it is frequently visited by night pollinators!