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Daisy Seed

At Urban Farmer, our selection of daisies are chosen for the best beautiful bright blooms. Daisy plants are very tolerant of rain and wind. Daisies are perfect for any patio container, garden border or as cut flowers in a vase!

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How to Grow Daisies

The Gloriosa Daisy produces large, colorful blooms and is an exceptional cut flower that looks stunning in a vase and can last weeks inside! This daisy bursts forth shades of brick red that turns to a golden orange-yellow. The Gloriosa's blooms are impressive and large, measuring 4-9" in diameter. This daisy loves full sun and are very heat and drought tolerant.

The Painted Daisy is a bushy, long stemmed annual that produces plenty of colorful, painted-like daisies in the early summer! This variety blooms white, pink and red flowers that have yellow centers, and their long stems combine with fern-like foliage to make excellent bouquet presentations.

Crazy Daisy is a classic daisy for cut flowers and sunny beds. This variety is one of the most popular perennial flowers around. Sow in February for a summer and fall bloom. Crazy is ideal for borders and even containers.

An ideal choice for cut flowers. Shasta Daisy is a favorite for cut flowers due to its strong 2 foot stems. Alaska has the largest flowers of the white, daisy flowered mums. The easy to grow plants are trouble free bloomers from mid to late summer.