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Amaranthus Seed

Amaranthus flowers come in vibrant colors that grab everyones attention. These long and drooping blooms can offer some beautiful accent pieces in bouquets and vases. We offer a selection of red, orange and green amaranthus varieties. Choose from A. cruentus which features upright plumes and A. caudatus which is know for its long rope-like tassels.

The darkest red amaranth we offer makes it perfect for autumn arrangements. This amaranth is much different from the long droopy caudatus types with more upright and feathery blooms. When plants are young and leaves are tender, the foliage makes a nice edible green.

This Amaranthus plant produces long and beautiful coral-pink tassels. This is beautiful alone or mixed with other Amaranthus caudatus varieties we carry.

The Perfecta Amaranthus is a beautiful plant that blooms an array of beautiful vibrant colors that is just perfect for any garden! The eye-catching combination of its yellow and scarlet upper leaves and green yellow, and chocolate brown lower leaves is absolutely breathtaking.

This beautiful tassel flower produces large, and reddish-green leaves that are joined by long “tails” of drooping flower heads populated by hundreds of tiny deep-crimson blooms.

Emerald Tassel produces beautiful long lime-green blooms that make great cut flowers. They can be used in fresh bouquets along or as filler flowers. They can also be dried and used in fall arrangements.

Hot Biscuits is an easy to grow plant that is great as a cut filler in bouquets and vases. This plant grows 40-48" tall and produces heavy yields of bronze blooms. To encourage optimum branching it's recommended to pinch out the center (apical) bud.

The Autumns Touch Amaranthus' beautiful orange and yellow flowers will appear over a long, late season. This variety also sports beautiful bright pistachio colored leaves with dark bronze tips. The Autumns Touch makes to be a beautiful bordering plant.