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Growing artichokes from seed is easy and tasty when ready to harvest. Enjoy the large, edible flower buds that can be incorporated into many meals and dips! Globe artichokes can be grown in many places with the right care. Although artichokes are perennials, certain varieties can be grown as annuals, even in cold climates.

The Imperial Star is a green growing artichoke that is perfect for annual harvest! Imperial Star will produce well-developed artichokes the first year from seed. Plants become 1 1/2-3' tall and have an open growth habit. Each typically produces 1-2 primary buds, which average 3-4" in diameter, and 5-7 smaller secondary buds.

Violet is a French heirloom with fine flavor! Beautiful purple buds that are lovely on the big, ornamental plants, especially when the buds open. Rare outside Europe.

The Green Globe is America's most popular artichoke! Large flower buds, harvest when plump, ornamental with bold blue 6" flowers. Artichokes are a very tender plant. With thick, fleshy scales and solid center, the flower heads should be harvested when they're young. Native to the Mediterranean, globe artichokes have been grown in the US since Colonial times. Provided with a protective cover, the artichokes will successfully overwinter in colder areas.

Purple Italian Globe is an open pollinated artichoke variety from Italy known for its delicious taste. Artichoke plants produce large, purple colored tender heads and are more tolerant to both heat and cold than standard green globe artichokes

Wonder is a new artichoke variety that offers yields early and often! Plants are about 90-120cm tall, with most of the heads being pear-shaped and firm. Wonder F1 has excellent quality for both the fresh markets and for commercial use.

A high yielding delicious tuber! Jerusalem Artichokes, aka Sunchokes, are great for winter markets as they store well. A carefree plant that produces heavy yields of tubers. Stampede is early producing giving you a jump on other growers. They store well and can be eaten raw or cooked. Winter hardy in severe cold. Grows fast and should be given room to grow.