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Lupine Seed

It is hard not to fall in love with the bright shades of the Lupine. A very popular flower among gardeners, the easy to grow flowers add the perfect pop of color to any garden. These wildflowers can be enjoyed all summer long and into early fall!

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How to Grow Lupines

The Russel Lupine flower is easy to grow and bears beautiful, tall spikes of graceful flowers that blossom in a wide range of colors. This variety produces a mix of yellows, reds, blues and purples midsummer. Russel is outstanding in mixed beds, when massed by themselves or for backgrounds. This flower is also gorgeous in cut-flower arrangements!

The Pixie Delight Lupine is an annual lupine that is native to Mexico that produces lovely white, pink, violet and blue flower spikes. This variety tolerates poor soils and dry to moderate moisture. The Pixie Delight grows best in full to part sun.

The Texas Bluebonnet Lupine produces stunning fragrant blue flowers with white tips that will attract many butterflies and bees to the garden! This Texas State flower blooms late July all through September. The Texas Bluebonnet is easy to grow and will adapt to many different growing conditions. Be careful as the plant and seeds are poisonous.

The Perennial Lupine produces beautiful spikes of purple colored flowers that will bloom from late spring throughout summer! This Lupine variety grows to be about 18-36” tall with vibrant spikes. This variety can be planted throughout a flower meadow or in the garden bed. The Perennial is easy to establish and grow, and Lupines are deer resistant and blooms year after year.