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Grow dahlias for beautiful and colorful flowers that bloom from midsummer through autumn! These hugely varietal flowers are a grower's dream, with little starburst blooms to plate-sized flowers in every hue imaginable.

This Dahlia plant has beautifully curled flower petals with bright yellow centers. Blooms typically reach 5-6" across. A beautiful mix of assorted rainbow colors. Dahlia is easy to grow from seed. It appreciates good soils and plentiful water to become the show off of your late summer and fall garden.

A beautiful Dahlia variety that is easy to grow from seed. Bishop's Children is a vibrant-toned mix of solid and bicolor blooms in shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple. This bushy Dahlia plant reaches 36" tall and about a foot wide, with leaves so dark they appear black. Dahlia is a great cut-flower or flower border plant.

Showpiece Double Mix produces a stunning mix of decorative double-type flowers. Dahlias are truly loved cutting garden favorites and create a wonderful vertical presence. Plants average 36" to 48" inches tall and thrive in sunny locations. This heat loving variety prefers cool, moist, soil and the baking heat of the summer sun.