Broccoli Seeds

At Urban Farmer we supply several broccoli varieties that work for gardeners to professional growers. We trial grow our broccoli varieties and select only the best-tasting, most attractive, and best producing plants. Choose from full-size broccoli head varieties to baby raab producing plants.

The Romanesco broccoli is a funky little vibrant broccoli! Known for its different appearance, it is also a really great tasting broccoli! This Italian variety is bright lime green with lots of texture. The Romanesco is excellent for cool areas.

Sorrento is a speedy maturing broccoli that is reliable for fall or late winer growing. This is our favorite Raab for fresh market and home growers. This plant has uniform large florets with bluish-green narrow turnip-shape leaves. It has a tall, upright plant habit and a low bolt tolerance.

The Green Sprouting Calabrese produces very large dark green heads bursting with flavor. Produces compact dark green central head, with many lateral or side shoots over a long season. Good in short season areas with cool nights. Slow bolting with great flavor and popular among gardeners.

The Green Sprouting Calabrese produces large dark green heads bursting with flavor. This broccoli with is a favorite, that now is available as organic seed! Good in short season areas with cool nights. It will produce many lateral or side shoots over a long season. It is slow bolting with a flavor that can't be beat.

Spring Raab is a sweet baby broccoli! Every part of the erect vigorous plant can be used for cooking, as it has a delicate delicious flavor. The Spring Raab adds texture and fine flavor to cooking. This baby broccoli is high in vitamin C,  A, Calcium, Iron making it the perfect healthy choice! Organic seed available.

De Cicco broccoli, known for its exceptional taste, is a popular heirloom variety of broccoli (Brassica oleracea) that hails from Italy. This Italian heirloom has been cultivated for generations, making it a favorite among gardeners and chefs alike. De Cicco broccoli is classified as a compact, semi-dwarf type of broccoli, and it is highly prized for its versatility in the kitchen and its relatively quick maturity. De Cicco broccoli boasts a mild, slightly sweet flavor with a hint of nuttiness. Its tender, dark green florets are surrounded by a profusion of lush leaves. The compact plant typically reaches a height of 18-24 inches, making it suitable for smaller gardens or container growing. De Cicco is known for its relatively short days to maturity, typically taking around 48-65 days from seed sowing to harvest. This broccoli variety is characterized by its vibrant, dark green color, which is indicative of its high nutrient content. De Cicco broccoli exhibits strong disease resistance, particularly against common broccoli ailments like downy mildew and clubroot, which can be a relief for growers. When properly cared for, De Cicco broccoli can yield a bountiful harvest of small to medium-sized heads, often producing side shoots after the main head is harvested. For optimal growth, it's recommended to sow De Cicco broccoli seeds in well-drained soil with full sun exposure. Plant the seeds 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep, spacing them about 18-24 inches apart to provide enough room for the plants to mature and thrive. Additionally, consistent watering and adequate fertilization can help ensure a successful De Cicco broccoli crop.  

The Aspabroc Baby gets its name from having asparagus stems and raab heads! Aspabroc Baby Broccoli a deliciously sweet broccolini with a peppery taste. Considered a baby broccoli that was developed by Sakata in Japan. Once cooked the flavor is dulled a bit. The entire plant is edible either raw, sauted, steamed or fried. A very healthy treat that contains vitamin C, A, calcium and iron. Great for sauteeing, steaming, roasting and boiling.

Waltham 29 produces incredibly high yields for broccoli! This variety is known for its good color, cold resistance, dwarf compact plant, and big side shoots. Main heads are 4-8" with steady side shoot production after main head is harvested.

The Early Purple Sprouting broccoli is an heirloom broccoli bred for overwintering! This variety produces lots of beautiful purple broccoli sprouts in the spring. The Early Purple Sprouting grows slowly through the winter; very frost hardy.

The Fiesta is a beautiful, heavy yielding broccoli . Uniform plants are medium height, giving rise to 5-7" blue-green heads. Heavy yields that are disease resistant, which is definitely a reason to celebrate!

Gypsy is a hybrid broccoli that produces well in warmer growing zones. An excellent variety for greenhouse production. Gypsy has a strong root system and intermediate downy mildew resistance. Gypsy yields excellent, smooth, dome-shaped heads with medium-small beads.

Green Magic is a great summer and fall broccoli that is consistent performer. This broccoli matures mid-early and has wide adaptability to gardening zones. It has a semi-domed, tight head with medium-small bead size and a good plant habit.

Happy Rich Baby is an excellent summer producing baby broccoli. Produces uniform, vigorous, dark-green florets that look like baby broccoli heads. One of the best flavors broccoli flavors with hints of sweetness. Produces generous amounts of side shoots when first floret is pinched out and plants are spaced 12-18" apart.

Godzilla is a new broccoli that produces very heavy and small-beaded heads. Leaf attachments are small and lower on the stem, allowing for quick trimming and easier harvest.