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Blueberry Plant

Who doesn't blueberries!? It's easy to grow your own blueberries and enjoy this sweet treat during the summer months! We have selected some of the easiest growing blueberries varieties available. These high yielding varieties are mouth watering and delicious.

The Blueray Blueberry produces an abundance of large, sweet and delicious blueberries and is one of the best mid-season pickers around! This variety is a very popular mid-season ripening cultivars for u-pick growers. Blueray is an old favorite that shows off its bright red wood in the winter.

The Bluecrop Blueberry plant produces the biggest, juiciest berries ever that are perfect for a late to mid-season harvest! This variety is great for Northern climates as it thrives in cooler weather! Bluecrop has good disease resistance.

The Collection Mix is a great sampler mix of the 3 best blueberry plants we offer, the Blueray, Bluecrop and Jersey blueberry! Can't decide which blueberry plants to buy? Try these 3 best sellers and get the best a great blueberry harvest!

The Jersey Blueberry plant is a great, large variety that can grow to be 5-7 feet high and will have a mid to late season harvest. This blueberry has the best flavor around!