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Rudbeckia Seed

Rudbeckias are a popular and prominent flower in most gardens. They come in a variety of colors including yellow, orange, green, brown and red. An excellent cut flower that is one of the easiest, most reliable and productive cut flowers we offer. Rudbeckias are heat and drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plants that help attract bees and butterflies.

The Marmalade Rudbeckia is a dwarf variety that has large, golden-orange flowers that will bloom from summer to early fall! This flower grows to be two feet tall, and flowers are up to five inches across. It is a versatile plant that can be used in flower beds, borders, cutting gardens and large containers.

The long narrow petals of the Chim Chiminee Rudbeckia give off beautiful fall shades of bronze, gold, red and burnt orange. This variety is perfect for any garden or vase as it is an outstanding cut flower! The easy to care for perennial will self-sow freely and thrives in the sun. The Chim Chiminee will not only add color to your garden, but will also bring in butterflies and hummingbirds. Remove faded blossoms regularly to increase flower time.

The Black Eyed Susan Rudbeckia is a wonderful, stiff upright flower that is stunning and will definitely grab your attention. This variety is an annual or short lived perennial native to the eastern United States. The Black Eyed Susan is probably the most common of all American wildflowers. The characteristic brown, domed center is surrounded by bright yellow ray florets that thrives in most soils in full sun. The Black Eyed Susan is a true sunshine worshiper that forgives neglect.

The Sahara Rudbeckia has a beautiful bloom of caramel, red and pink - perfect for a fall bouquet since it will flower into mid to late autumn! It tolerates heat well and thrives in full Sun. Grown as a half-hardy annual, the Sahara performs well in most soil types. This delightful flower not only is an attention grabber for people, but for butterflies as well. Make sure to deadhead faded flowers regularly to encourage more blooms.

The long-lasting blooms of the Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia brings beautiful, rich shades of crimson to any garden or bouquet! The giant red blooms attract butterflies and bees all summer long, and songbirds in the early fall. The Cherry Brandy thrives in the sun and is able to stand up to heat and humidity, making it easy to care for. It is a perennial, therefore it will reseed itself around the garden, perpetuating from year to year! Make sure to deadhead the faded flowers in order to prolong the flowering season.

Looking like a plucked daisy, this Rudbeckia sports long, thin green sepals and a giant, pointy deep purple to black cone (the size and shape of a large strawberry)! Wonderfully attention-getting in the garden, 'Green Wizard' is also welcome as an Everlasting, where its ultra-strong stems support these stylish cones for months on end, adding interesting texture and tall vertical effect to bouquets, centerpieces, and decorations of all types.

The Indian Summer Rudbeckia is an All-American Selection award winner for its great performance and attractive, golden-yellow blooms! This variety produces single and semi-double blooms that can be 6-9" inches across.

The Goldstrum Rudbeckia is a stunning, sun-loving golden flower that is highly popular for landscaping and as a cut flower. This variety is an improved APEX seed that gives 25% more young plants, 75% minimum germination in soil. The Goldtrum is highly sought for as a roadside cut flower for its beautiful 3" blooms.