Ornamental gourds welcome the arrival of fall with the sales of gourds, together with pumpkins, ornamental corn, and broom corn. Urban Farmer carries a large selection of gourd seeds in several shapes, sizes and colors that are in high demand during the fall sales season.

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How to Grow Gourds

The Caveman's Club gourd gets its name because it resembles the club of a primitive caveman! Caveman's Club gourd can grow to be 18" long with a narrow handle that ends in an oblong, deeply veined and ridged "club." This gourd matures late and should be planted early for best results. Trellis the vines to help ensure straight necks.

The Ten Commandments Gourd is a unique softball sized variety that comes in a mix of striped, mottled and multicolored that is perfect for decorating. This variety is named for the 5 pairs of protruding prongs that point towards the blossom end. The bright, festive colors will add an autumn look to any home!

The Turk's Turban gourd is a beautiful multi-colored, ornamental squash. This gourd will grow to about 7" x 8" and will weigh close to 3lbs each and keep well once picked. The Turk's Turban is a favorite fall and holiday porch decoration!

The Large Mix is a mixture of the most popular large gourds we could find! The large gourd mix includes Calabash, Dipper, Sugar Trough, and a few extra surprises. These are large gourds that will need a longer growing period to fully develop. This is a great mix for center pieces inside your home!

The Speckled Swan is a beautiful swan shaped gourd. This gourd has a long 12-16" neck that curves and enlarges at the end to resemble a swan. This gourd is ideal for selling at fall markets for decorating or painting once dried!

Grow your own bathroom sponge with this Luffa gourd! The fibrous internal structure of the Luffa can be used as a sponge for cleaning or as an exfoliator. This gourd is fun to grow and show your friends!

The Big Apple is a gourd that is great for ornamental uses. This gourd plant produces 8-inch fruit that looks just like giant apples, hence its name! This gourd is great for crafts and fall displays. Big Apple can also be painted red or made into birdhouses.

The Bushel is gigantic ornamental gourd! Bushel gourds produce gigantic sized gourds that can grow up to 5 feet in diameter, the size of a bushel basket, and can weigh as much as 100 pounds. This gourd variety is excellent for making crafts. Impress your neighbors by growing this gigantic gourd!

Just like its name, the Birdhouse is the perfect gourd for your feathered friends! The birdhouse gourd allows you to grow perfect sized homemade birdhouses. Growing this gourd is a great opportunity to involve young ones in the garden. Make sure to harvest this gourd when the shell is hard. Stand the Birdhouse gourds upright when they are still young and growing to form a gourd that will sit on its base.

Dipper is one of the most beautiful and fall themed gourds we have! These gourds have been dried out and used for years as many different things! Dipper Gourds produce a 12" long by 5" in diameter gourd. Very easy to grow in the summer time heat.

The Small Mix is a mixture of the most popular small gourds we could find! The Small Mix includes a variety of popular, colorful gourds for beautiful decorative arrangements. This mix is perfect for center pieces inside your home!

Tai Guo bitter gourd is a widely grown variety of bitter melon! These large fruits have bright skin that is dark green in color with thick flesh. Tai Guo bitters are vigorous, fast growing in warmer climates. It is suggested to grow this gourd along supports. Taiwan Large Bitter is very productive and easy to grow, making it a favorite!