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Raspberries tend to do better in cooler climates, but new varieties make it possible for anyone to grow fresh raspberries. They are relatively easy to grow, and with proper care, can bear fruit indefinitely. Grow both standard and everbearing raspberry plants to enjoy fresh fruit all summer.

Brightly colored gold raspberries! Fall Gold is as delicious as it is vibrant in color. This everbearing gold raspberry plant is very sweet, vigorous and hardy.

Outstanding Raspberry plant for home growing! Great for home growing, specially good for freezing and canning. Not as perishable as other varieties, it is easier to pick without crushing. Very heavy bearer, very hardy, adapts well to different kinds of soils.

1 Red, 1 Gold, 1 Black Raspberry Plant! A popular mix of our 3 favorite raspberry plants. Can't decide which variety to get? Try all 3! Fall Gold (gold), Latham (red), and Jewel (black) raspberry varieties.

A larger black raspberry plant! Jewel is a popular black raspberry plant that produces large berries than most. Very winter hardy, midseason and great disease resistance.