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Coreopsis Seed

The vibrant Coreopsis has vibrant bushy blooms that flower all summer to frost. These plants are very attractive to butterflies! These perennials can be deadheaded to promote fall rebloom.

The Tall Coreopsis is a super high variety that lives up to its name by growing to be 7 feet high and has even been known to reach 9 feet! This variety blooms beautiful yellow flowers that darken to a purple-red. This flower's leaves are divided into three lobes. The Tall Coreopsis should be grown in larger areas as it can be aggressive in growth.

The Plains Coreopsis is an annual native that forms clusters of stunning bi-colored blooms of deep red that turn into a bright yellow. This variety makes for a great cut flower and can be grown anywhere in the United States. Plains is deer resistant and easy to grow.

The Lance-leaved Coreopsis is a very popular and beautiful, golden meadow flower that will bloom all summer long and into fall. This variety is a popular meadow flower type throughout North America. The Lance Leaved is deer resistant and tolerates partial shaded areas.