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Nasturtium Seed

Urban Farmer offers an array of Nasturtium seeds for home growers. Nasturtium plants have trumpet-shaped blooms that have a mildly spicy aroma and are great for edible arrangements with meals. Use as a colorful garnish that has a pepper tasting foliage.

The Empress of India Dwarf Nasturtium produces a dark green foliage with stunning scarlet blooms that are very pleasing to the eye! Its scarlet flowers stand out amid the foliage of this old-fashioned favorite making it the perfect addition to any garden. You can use the leaves and pods in salads or as garnishes. The compact, mounded plant habit makes it especially suitable for containers or as an edging plant.

The Peach Melba Nasturtium is a dwarf, non-trailing variety that flowers in varying shades of yellow and cream with dark orange blotches in the center. This Nasturtium is easy to grow and long blooming, making them irresistible to bees. This variety's flowers are edible and have a tangy, peppery taste that are great in salads or stuffed with a cream cheese filling. You can also use the Peach Melba  to make a colorful garnish.

The Alaska Nasturtium is a beautiful golden yellow to orange variety that looks great in patio containers and hanging baskets! you are able to plant 3 to a 10" inch basket! The Alaska produces 100% variegated foliage.

The Nasturtium Tom Thumb Mix is a dwarf variety that produces single flowers that are held above the foliage to show off its vibrant colors. This mix blooms a combination of gold, orange, red and yellow. These Nasturtium flowers are edible and have a tangy, peppery taste. You can add them to salads, stuff with a cream cheese filling or use to make a colorful garnish. Bumble bees will love the Tom Thumb Mix as much as you will!

The Nasturtium Dwarf Jewel Mix is a very beautiful and vibrant mix that produces cherry rose, golden, peach melba and primrose flowers that stand out! Nasturtiums are edible, making these peppery petals beautiful additions to any dish. The Dwarf Jewel Mix will flower most freely in full sun and poor dryish soils.

The Nasturtium Single Mix is a vibrant mix of lovely shades of red, orange and yellow flowers that are sure to grab your attention! This mix is a beautiful annual that blooms its 2-3 inch blossoms from June until first frost. Its leaves, flowers and seeds are all edible, with the leaves having a peppery flavor which makes a great addition to your salads. The seeds were actually used as a pepper substitute during WWII, or you can pickle the seeds when they are still green.