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Marigold Seed

Marigolds are some of the most rewarding, long lasting blooms in the garden. Come in a variety of bright orange, yellow and mixed colors. Drought tolerant and blooms come on early spring. Also a great, all-natural way to keep mosquitos away!

The Orange Inca II Marigold is an hybrid that has early, fully double blooms that performs well in either the garden or patio containers. This variety is produced from a reliable seed and will grow up to 12" tall and 10" wide. The Orange Inca II blooms early with 3.5" flowers and strong stems.

The Flamenco Marigold is a compact French variety that blooms an array of fiery bright pastel yellows and reddish oranges! This variety is perfect for a container garden or flower bed as it is a very prolific and easy to grow annual. Flamenco is a great companion plant as it will attract many pollinators! You can enjoy these sunny blooms from mid spring all the way until the end of summer.

The Marigold Petite Mix is a top-notch, dependable flower for short season gardens that produces beautiful continuous blooms that can be enjoyed by many. These dwarf, uniform plants bear an abundance of double flowers in an array of yellows, oranges and golds. The Petite Mix is great for massing, borders or for spot color.

The Yellow Inca II Marigold is a hybrid that produces early, fully double blooms from a reliable seed that has good performance and strength. This Marigold will grow up to 12" tall and 10" wide and blooms early with 3.5" flowers and strong stems. The Yellow Inca II does well in any garden or patio container.

The Crackerjack Marigold is a festive flowing plant that produces huge, bushy blooms of carnation-like flowers on tall stems. This variety blooms yellow, gold and orange that adds a beautiful pop of color to any garden!

The Marigold Sparky Mix is a French variety that has medium sized flowers with wavy petals that bloom in a mix of gold, orange, red, yellow or bi-colored. This Marigold grows to be 14 inches tall and are long-blooming. The Sparky Mix is recommended for containers, beds & borders, and the pollinator garden. Also, this mix is useful for control of insect pests in the vegetable garden!

The Strawberry Blonde Marigold blooms shades of pink and yellow, then to gold as they age and can be enjoyed all summer long! These marigolds are perfect for patio containers or as a border around a garden. The easy to grow Strawberry Blonde is heat tolerant and thrives in the sun!