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Container Flowers

Container Flower Seed

We offer a large selection of flowers that grow great in containers. Container flowers are great at filling out, trailing, and brightening up patios. Containers are also easy to move wherever you want beautiful blooms!
73 Results

The Tom Thumb Impatien is a beautiful extra dwarf variety that makes a very attractive addition to any border or flower bed! This variety is a wonderful dwarf impatien that grows no higher than 12 inches. The Tom Thumb has a good tolerance for drought conditions and does great in containers.

The brightly colored Zinnia Candy Mix is easy to grow and blooms delicious shades of red, yellow, pink and orange all summer long. This mix is a sweet treat for any garden! The heat loving zinnia is perfect for attracting butterflies to your garden or as a cut flower in a vase. Just like other zinnias, the more you cut the Candy Mix, the more it will grow back again!

The Tidal Wave Silver Petunia is a powerful spreading petunia that will add a beautiful pop of purple and silver to any garden! This petunia variety is a great hedging flower for landscaping, mounds like a shrub, spreads like an eagle. Seed pellets for easy handling

The Johnny Jump Up Viola is a beautiful little flower that will bring charm and grace to any summer landscape or hanging basket! This variety grows very easily from Viola seeds, and once established will even self-sow. The Johnny Jump Up is known for their spring beauty and is not invasive just delightful!

The lovely full tufted peaches and cream bloom of the Zinderella Peach Zinnia is a perfect addition to any fresh cut flower bouquet! This Zinnia is not only just a beautiful display, but its long vase life makes it a wonderful fresh cut flower. The Zinderella Peach is loved by pollinators all throughout summer and into early fall. Like all Zinnnias, The Zinderella Peach is easy to grow and can be enjoyed year and year!

The Four O'clock Formula Mix will create a statement in any garden, blooming in all shades of bright pink, red, yellow and white. This variety is an annual, but the roots can be lifted in the fall, stored during winter, and re-planted the next spring.

The dense heads of the brilliant golden yellow flowers of the Compacta Alyssum blooms in early spring on low lying stems. This beautiful variety will attract many pollinators to the garden, as butterflies love this beauty! The Compacta may also re-bloom late in the season.

The Sweet Alyssum produces hundreds of tiny, snow-white flowers on spikes with a fragrance just like honey, making it a beautiful addition to any garden! The 18" tall plants can be tucked at the edge of borders, or along walks. The small, compact size of the Sweet Alyssum makes it excellent for window boxes or in pots -- anywhere its sweet scent may be savored! This variety is also great for attracting beneficial insects, like butterflies and bees.

The Floral Showers Snapdragon blooms an array of beautiful colors and is one of the best performing dwarf snapdragons around! This early, day neutral has a delicious fragrance, making it a perfect addition to any garden.

The High Knee Sweet Pea is a semi-dwarf, bushy-flowered variety with a mix of lavender, pink, purple, red, salmon & white flowers. As with all Sweet Peas, this variety does best in regions with cool summer temperatures and do not do well in hot, humid summers. Use mulch to keep the soil cool and provide good air circulation for best growth. The Knee High produces long-lasting cut flowers.

The bright, multi-colored sun-loving Sombrero Zinnia bursts of vivd red and yellow and will bloom all throughout spring and into early fall! This easy to grow zinnia is also great for attracting pollinators. The Sombrero is a wonderful cut flower, as it has a long vase life!

The Sweet Pea Bijou Mix is a wonderful blend of brightly colored purple, pink and white sweet peas that is perfect for window boxes, borders or flower beds. This sweet pea mix is truly a favorite for its beautiful array of blooms!