Winter Squash

Winter Squash

Winter squash is harvested late in the growing season when it's fully mature. Rinds should be hard and taste best after cooking. Most winter squash have a vining habit and long fruit storage as compared to the bushy growth habit and shorter shelf life of summer squash.

The Table Queen Acorn Squash is a customer favorite winter squash. This variety is a medium sized, acorn shaped, vining type. The flesh of this heirloom acorn is a sweet golden yellow that turns more orange in storage, contrasting with its dark green and ribbed rind. Harvest before frost, leaving part of the stem attached to the fruit.

The Kikuza is a unique, pumpkin-like delicious Japanese heirloom squash. This variety can grow to be a large 5 lbs. with an orange ribbed rind, with a thick, juicy, spicy and tender flesh. The Kikuza has a wonderful flavor and is great baked or roasted.

The Peanut squash is pink, large and pumpkin-like! This French market squash is popular based on its appearance as well as its exceptional flavor. The texture is silky and holds up really nice when sautéed or roasted. This squash is also good for soups. The peanut-like bumps or warts cover the entire fruit. The Peanut makes a wonderful centerpiece for fall festivities!

A beautifully consistent spaghetti squash with uniform fruits and high yields. Has a slightly sweet flavor with a nutty aftertaste. Perfect for a pasta alternative. Semibush plants are great for dense plantings for greater yields per acre.

The Long Island Cheese Squash got its name by resembling a large wheel of cheese and has been a favorite since the 1800s! This dark orange, ribbed winter squash can weigh 6-12 pounds. The Long Island Cheese has a sweet delicate flavor that is perfect for pies and other sweet baked treats. This squash will keep up to 6 months in storage. Certified Organic

The Sweet Meat Squash's deep orange flesh is sweet and great for cooking. This delicious heirloom is from Oregon. The Sweet Meat's plant produces fruits that are large and flattened in shape. This variety has a beautiful deep sea blue-green color on its outside with a tender, "meaty" orange inside.

The Waltham Butternut squash is prolific, easy to grow, sweet, and tasty. This favorite has wonderful storage capability and is now available in organic seeds. Sweet, fine textured flesh. Definitely the top choice winter squash. Butternut Squash has a sweet, almost nutty taste that is similar to sweet potato. Waltham Butternut Squash has yellow skin and orange flesh. When ripe, it turns increasingly deep orange and becomes even sweeter and richer. Certified Organic. Learn more about our organic seeds.

The Red Kuri is a delicious red and uniquely shaped Japanese winter squash. This variety matures small fruits that reach to be 10 lbs. each with a slight teardrop-shape. The Red Kuri has a smooth golden flesh that is dry, sweet and rich. This squash is a great yielding and keeping variety. Certified Organic

The Honeybaby Squash is an All-American Selection winning winter squash. These 1-2 pound flavorful butternuts have a deep orange flesh and it can be grown anywhere. Honeybaby is a very productive variety of winter squash that produces numerous fruits on a compact plant. These shorter vines grow 2-3 feet in a semi-bush habit showing great garden vigor which results in healthier plants that resisted powdery mildew later into the season, especially in the Southeast. The short, wide fruits are slightly larger with a more sweet, nutty and meaty than similar comparison varieties. Honeybaby is delicious when steamed, baked or made into soups and stews. Plant as soon as soil temperatures reach 65 degrees to ensure maturity in 90-100 days.

The Amish Pie Squash is an heirloom winter squash that originated in 1999 from an Amish gardener in the mountain region of Maryland. This large squash can weigh 60 to 80 pounds and is the perfect squash for canning. Just like its name, this variety's thick, sweet flesh is perfect for making pies. Certified Organic. Learn more about our organic seeds.

Just like in its name, the Early Butternut is the earliest butternut on the market! This award-winning variety produces excellent yields of medium-sized fruits that are tan in color and have a blocky shape, with a sweet, dark orange flesh. The Early Butternut is highly uniform and well suited for fresh market growing, as well as home growing.

The Baker's Choice Marbled F1 Squash is a butternut winter squash variety that has a long round to oval and bulbous shape. This squash has a high sugar content, making it one of the best tasting squashes around! This uniquely shaped winter squash is a must grow for both home and market growers.

The Delicata is a very distinct squash that has a delicious, sweet taste. This variety is a high sugar content squash with fruits that weigh in from 1-3 lbs. each. This old heirloom was introduced in 1894 by Peter Henderson and Co.. The Delicata is a favorite for its very sweet flavor that is great for cooking, especially stuffing.

The Festival Winter F1 Squash is a beautiful multi-colored, 1-2 lbs. squash with an excellent eating quality that is great for pies and baking. These attractive personal-sized squashes are superior in both flavor and yield! This variety is deeply ribbed and striped with a wide, slightly rounded bottom. The Festival Winter's flesh is peach-colored, similar to an acorn squash but with a sweet flavor and better texture. This squash has a semi-bush habit with an excellent storage ability.