Organic Seeds

Shop a large selection of organic vegetable and herb seeds. Organic gardening gives you the peace of mind that the soil, fertilizer, and processes used to harvest seed have been certified and inspected. Take full control of nutrition by starting your own home organic garden today.

Organic Spinach Seeds

The Bloomsdale spinach is such an attractive, tasty, and a popular garden standard spinach.

Bush Sugar Baby
Organic Watermelon Seeds

The Bush Sugar baby is an excellent watermelon for home garden and roadside stands

Organic Zucchini Seeds

The Cocozelle is a bush type squash plant that produces high yields of dark green squash.

Joe Parker
Organic Pepper Seeds

The mildly spicy Joe Parker pepper is a Southwestern style traditional Anaheim harvest green or red!

Lady Godiva
Organic Pumpkin Seeds

The lady Godiva is such an attractive pumpkin to add to any garden!

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Long Scarlet Cincinnati
Organic Radish Seeds

The Long Scarlet Cincinnati has been a favorite heirloom since 1930!

Progress No. 9
Organic Pea Seeds

The Progress No. 9 Pea is a prolific and early yielding shelling pea!

Pruden's Purple
Organic Tomato Seeds

This is considered one of the best heirloom beefsteak tomatoes in America.

Rainbow Blend
Organic Swiss Chard Seeds

The beautifully colored and delicious Swiss Chard Rainbow Blend is a mixture of different red, orange, pink, yellow and white chard.

Sweet Seedless
Organic Tomato Seeds

Sweet and juicy tomato!

Texas Early Grano
Organic Onion Seeds

The Texas Early Grano Onion is a short day onion variety that has a nice sweet flavor that is a favorite among home growers!

Waltham Butternut
Organic Squash Seeds

The Waltham Butternut squash is prolific, easy to grow, sweet, and tasty.