At Urban Farmer we supply several bean varieties that work for gardeners to small farm market growers. We trial all bean varieties and select only the best-tasting, most attractive, and best producing bean plants. Choose from bush beans, pole beans, lima beans, runner beans, shelling beans and stringless beans. Beans come in a variety of maturity dates, colors, shapes, sizes and taste!

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How to Grow Beans

Christmas bean, scientifically known as Phaseolus vulgaris 'Christmas,' is a delightful and unique variety of green bean that adds a festive touch to holiday meals. This particular bean cultivar has a fascinating history dating back to the early 20th century when it was first developed by dedicated plant breeders. Its name, "Christmas bean," is derived from its vibrant red and green coloration, reminiscent of traditional holiday colors. In terms of taste, Christmas beans are known for their tender and crisp texture, making them a delightful addition to a variety of dishes. Their flavor is mildly sweet with a subtle nuttiness, making them a versatile choice for both cooking and salads. The beans typically mature in about 80 to 90 days, making them a relatively quick-growing option for gardeners. The pod size is medium to large, with an average length of 6-7 inches, perfect for harvesting when they are young and tender. Christmas bean plants are compact in size, reaching heights of around 18-24 inches. They are known for their disease resistance, particularly against common bean diseases such as rust and bean mosaic virus. When properly cared for, Christmas bean plants can yield an abundant harvest, with each plant producing a substantial number of pods. For optimal growth, they require well-drained soil, full sun exposure, and regular watering. Plant spacing should be about 4-6 inches apart in rows, and they thrive in a variety of climates, making them a popular choice for gardeners looking to add a festive touch to their holiday season while enjoying a bountiful harvest of delicious, colorful beans.  

Garbanzo beans are great for making homemade hummus. This unique heirloom variety produces delicious beans. Perfect for hummus and other Middle Eastern dishes. Also great for sprouting as well. Grow for a week and eat entire plant. Very nutritious! Contains vitamin A, C, calcium, iron and magnesium. Also known as chickpea. If using for sprouting they will be ready in 3-5 days.

The Jackson Wonder is the perfect bean for the care-free garden. This bean has a wonderful taste straight from the garden. The Jackson Wonder bean tolerates both heat and drought very well. Perfect bean for gardeners with very little time.

The Greencrop is a bush type snap bean with an excellent flavor. Superior performance in any location. Greencrop is a snap bean that has delicious pods and beans. Bush snap beans are popular because they mature earlier and do not require trellising. An All-America Selections Winner meaning it has superior taste and growth habits.

The Kentucky Wonder is an heirloom pole bean plant with high yields and a dark green color! Delicious heirloom pole bean with heavy yields. Kentucky Wonder is a popular heirloom that is easy to grow in all parts of the country. An all-purpose bean that taste great fresh, freezing or canning when pods are young. For stringless and most tender beans harvest when they are young and only 4-5". When left to fully mature, Kentucky Wonder is a good shelling bean. Beans are light green for fresh eating and dry to pale brown color. Get multiple harvest from these prolific producers. Previous nicknames include "Old Homestead" and "Texas Pole". Kentucky Wonder first appeared in mid 1800's. Seed for sale in 1 oz. 1/4 lb., 1 lb., 5 lbs., 25 lbs. and 100 lb. packages.

Henderson is the ultimate popular baby Lima. Henderson offers great tasting, smaller beans, that are perfect for cooking with any meal.

The Colorful Garden Blend is a beautiful and delicious mix of green, purple and yellow garden beans. A fun way to grow a beautiful mixture of garden beans. This gourmet blend is excellent for fresh eating and canning. All bush varieties that are high yielding and mature around the same time! Even mix of Slenderette, Royal Burgundy Purple and Cherokee Wax.

The Kentucky Wonder 125 bean is a wonderful bush bean that is above the others! Kentucky Wonder 125 Bush Bean matures early than most bush beans and produces beans in clusters over a long season. The bush beans’ meaty, medium-green pods are 8 inches and packed with delicious, extra-tasty bean seeds.

The Topcrop bean is a great bean for canning and freezing. Topcrop got its name for a reason. This bean plant grows a heavy, concentrated set of beans. One of the best known beans around. Harvest on the early side of maturity to get small and tender beans. Delicious eaten fresh off the vine!

The Rattlesnake bean is absolutely beautiful and tasty. This variety is a popular, heavy producing pole bean. Great for eating fresh, freezing or canning when pods are young. Great color of dark purple stripes on top of dark green skin. A home garden standard for generations.

An All American Selection winner produces high quality pole beans. A cross between Kentucky Wonder and Blue Lake, combining the best of both parents. Kentucky Blue Pole beans produce large, straight, round 6 to 7" pods of excellent quality on 6 to 8' vines. This vigorous grower is an improvement over standard pole varieties and is ready for harvest one week earlier.

This green bean was first grown in 1962 in Twin Falls, Idaho. Tenderette is a flavorful, stringless, high-bearing green bean that has a long harvest season. The plant reaches 20" tall and bears long, straight, consistent 5" long green beans. Tenderette has an intense, rich flavor and full of snap. Excellent steamed, stir-fried or even raw.

A beautifully bright and vibrant red bean that stays red when cooked! Matures quick and has a delicious and crisp bite.

Strike beans are one of the heaviest yielding bush beans on the market. Continuous setting feature protects grower from stress, better than concentrated set types. Medium green, 5" round pod with good disease tolerance. Excellent flavor that is very popular with commercial growers.

Scarlet Runner Bean, scientifically known as Phaseolus coccineus, is a remarkable and versatile legume that has gained popularity for its ornamental and culinary attributes. Native to Central America, this bean has a rich history dating back to the Aztec civilization. The scarlet runner bean is a twining vine that can reach impressive heights, often exceeding 10 feet. Its vibrant, scarlet-red flowers add a stunning ornamental touch to gardens, making it a sought-after plant for both decorative and edible landscaping. In terms of taste, scarlet runner beans are known for their mild, nutty flavor and tender texture. They are commonly harvested when the pods are young and slender, as they tend to become stringy when mature. The pods of the scarlet runner bean are typically large, reaching lengths of 6 to 10 inches or more. The plant itself can be quite robust, with its lush foliage and attractive red blossoms. It usually takes around 60 to 90 days for scarlet runner beans to reach maturity from the time of planting, depending on growing conditions and climate. Scarlet runner beans come in various colors, with the most common being the striking scarlet-red variety. They are known for their resistance to certain diseases, including aphids and whiteflies, making them a relatively low-maintenance crop. In terms of yield, a well-cared-for scarlet runner bean plant can produce a bountiful harvest. On average, you can expect a yield of 10-15 pounds of beans per 100-foot row, making them a productive addition to your garden. Proper spacing is crucial for healthy growth, with a recommended spacing of 6 to 8 inches between plants and 24 to 36 inches between rows. Scarlet runner beans thrive in well-drained soil with full sun exposure and regular watering, making them an excellent choice for gardeners looking to add both beauty and nutrition to their landscape.

The Yard Long White is a very long bean stalk from Asia. Yard Long Bean produces high yields of flavorful very long stringless white beans. This variety is a favorite because of it's sweet and tender taste. This is the white seeded variety.

Tendergreen Improved is one of the highest yielding beans around. The Tendergreen Improved bean plant is a widely adapted home garden variety. These bean plants will produce some of the highest bean yields you'll ever see. Best eaten fresh.

The French Garden is a delicious french heirloom that has a sweet nutty flavor. This easy to grow bean produces 15-24 inch plants with heavy yields. The bush plant will produce 6 inch tender green pods with white seeds. Enjoy the French Garden year after year! Certified Organic. Learn more about our organic seeds.