Garden Supplies

To create the perfect garden, you need the perfect tools. Urban Farmer’s expert selection of garden-proven supplies will get your garden off to a great start, and keep it at peak performance.

Made from heavy duty nylon netting that is ideal for growing tomatoes, peas, and vining crops!

These 3 inch Jiffy-Pots are made with peat moss, making them perfect for starting seeds and reducing transplant shock. To use, fill pots with soil or mix and then water thoroughly until walls are saturated. Plant seeds according to seed instructions. These pots are biodegradable so that they can be transplanted right along with the plant! Includes 10 pots per pack.

Durable plastic plant labels! Helps easily identify your plants. Made from durable plastic.

This blossom spray should be used in every garden. Will increase the yield of your tomato and vegetable plants. Promotes flowering, increases blossom set and increases fruit yield. Helps most blossoms produce larger, meatier fruits and ripen earlier. Can also be used on beans, cucumbers, eggplants, melons, peppers, strawberries and grapes. Bottle contains 8 ounces of spray.

These durable plastic labels can be used in trays, pots or even directly in the garden! The long, 5 inch length of the Ferry Morse Plant Labels makes it easy to write on and its pointed tip slides easily into the soil. Labels are reusable. Set includes 25 labels.

Excellent for collecting and cleaning vegetables easier! The garden hod allows you to easily collect your vegetables and clean them outside before bringing them inside. The wooden frame and green screen allows water to easily clean your vegetables and drain out the bottom. This garden hod is built to last for many years and lots of harvesting. Hods were originally used by both the French and the British for everything from carrying bricks and mortar to measuring and washing alewives. For hundred of years, Maine's clam diggers have used hods to hold and rinse their catch. "Maine Garden Hods", styled after the traditional clam hod, are built to last from quality hard and soft woods and durable food-grade vinyl-covered mesh. Designed for harvesting and washing plants, fruits, and vegetables, users have discovered that the Hod lends itself to hundreds of other uses -inside and house- any time of the year. You'll find the Hod is one garden tool that's useful indoors our out..any time of the year! Hods are available in two sizes to meet nearly any need. The Original Hod (16 Quart) measures 19":x11"Wx10"H and has a capacity of approximately 16 quarts. The L'il Hod (8 Quart) measures 16"Lx9"Wx9"H and has a capacity of approximately 8 quarts.

Organic, All-Natural & Non-GMO Sourced Feather Meal Fertilizer (12-0-0) Feather Meal is a great source of slow release Nitrogen that is perfect for heavy feeders like corn, cool crops and leafy green vegetables. Incorporate into your soil before Spring plantings for best results. Directions: Spread 2 lbs of Feather Meal fertilizer for every 100 square feet of soil. How much feather meal fertilizer do I need? 10x10' (100 sq. ft.): 2 lbs 10x20' (200 sq. ft.): 4 lbs 10x80' (800 sq. ft.): 16 lbs Derived from: Organic Feather Meal Guaranteed Analysis: Total Nitrogen (N) ..................... 12.00% Available Phosphate (P2O5)..... 1.00% Soluble Potash (K2O) ............... 0.00%

Sulfate of Potash promotes plant vigor and disease-resistance in all flowering plants, shrubs, trees and vegetables.

This stretch tie is great for growing plants. It will safely expand as your plants grow. Strong and durable. 150 feet per roll. 150 feet per roll.

Classic hand trowel design. This classic hand trowel is modeled after hard-to-find antiques from a time when tools were painstakingly crafted by hand, Classic features quality craftsmanship and details like beautiful oak handles and durable carbon steel blades.

Neptune's Harvest Seaweed Plant Food is made from Seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum) sourced from North Atlantic Ocean. It is an excellent addition to Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer, or any fertilizing program. Neptune's Harvest Seaweed (0-0-1) delivers nutrients plants need to grow healthy and stay healthy.

Neptune's Harvest is 100% organic fish fertilizer (2-4-1). This package contains fully-chelated macro- and micro-nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and growth hormones naturally occurring in fish. Unlike fish emulsions, Neptune's Harvest retains the fish proteins and oils and has no unpleasant odor. University studies have shown Neptune's Harvest to outperform chemical fertilizers.  Neptune's Harvest is an organic fertilizer made from fresh North Atlantic fish. It is made by a unique cold process that protects the vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and growth hormones.

Organic, All-Natural & Non-GMO Sourced Alfalfa Meal Fertilizer (2.5-1-1) Alfalfa meal is excellent at adding trace elements for fertilizing and soil conditioning. Alfalfa Meal works great with roses and increasing earthworms. Also can be used as an organic compost activator. Directions: Spread 2 lbs of Alfalfa Meal fertilizer for every 100 square feet of soil. How much alfalfa meal fertilizer do I need? 10x10' (100 sq. ft.): 2 lbs 10x20' (200 sq. ft.): 4 lbs 10x80' (800 sq. ft.): 16 lbs Derived from: Organic Alfalfa Meal Guaranteed Analysis: Total Nitrogen (N) ..................... 2.50% Available Phosphate (P2O5)..... 1.00% Soluble Potash (K2O) ............... 1.00%

FoxFarm's Happy Frog Potting Soil creates an ideal root-zone environment and promotes phenomenal growth rates. This great organic mix contains composted forest humus, Sphagnum peat, perlite, earthworm castings, bat guano, mycorrhizae and humic acids derived from leonardite. Oyster shells and dolomitic lime are also included to stabilize pH. Happy Frog Potting Soil is fine-screened, light in texture and ready to use right from the bag.

Protective netting for Fruits and Vegetables! Bird netting protects fruit and berries from thieving birds and other garden pests. Made from strong and durable 3/4" polypropylene mesh with UV inhibitors. Comes in 7' x 20' sections.

Inoculants help free nitrogen from the air and into a usable form for plants. Seed Inoculants are able to convert and use this "free" nitrogen from the air into a usable form for the plant. This natural process gives your garden legumes the ability to provide their own organic fertilizer. Resulting in a more bountiful yield. Naturally. Natural, dry, peat-based cultures of beneficial bacteria. Treats up to 8 lbs. of beans, peas, vetch and more. OMRI/Organic.

Great for crop support trellis for vegetables and flowers. Suspend above ground so plants can be supported as they grow upwards. Great for hydroponic plant support as well.

Perfect pouch bags for growing flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Add life to garden fences and walls, posts, gates, railings, decks and anywhere else you find could use a little splash of color. This is an outdoor planter. This pouch is designed to maximize space and grow beautiful hanging flowers or veggies. Hang these anywhere - against walls, on balconies, decks and deck posts, lamp posts, mailbox post or even two over a mailbox one each side, front porch lights, on each side of front doors or garage doors, around swimming pool, fence etc. The possibilities are endless and beautiful! These grow bags comes with  wither 5 or 10 holes for plant placement. Long lasting, and looks great when your plants come to life! Bag Dimensions: 19" long by 8.5" wide. Holds 6 liters of growing medium. 5 Holes