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Roses are a popular fixture in gardens. They look great along fence lines, next to houses and anywhere you need some extra color.

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Popular as a sweet baby, slicer, or fresh market variety.

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What to Plant in October
Fall is here and many vegetables don’t have enough time to develop before your first frost. There are still a few vegetables that can be planted in October.

Listed below are flower, vegetable and herb varieties that are great to start planting in October based on the Hardiness Zone that you live in. 

Flower Bulbs
October is a great time to plant those fall flower bulbs. There are many varieties that can be planted this fall and start blooming early spring. Shop for flower bulbs.

Garlic is a vegetable that can be planted in the fall for a larger and earlier harvest this coming spring.
Suggested variety: Garlic

Herbs are defiantly the most popular indoor plant to grow throughout the winter months. Try your hand at these 5 most popular herbs. Also check out the Urban Farmer Herb Kit
Suggested variety: Basil, Chives, Oregano, Parsley, Thyme