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Snap Peas

Snap Peas Seed

Snap, aka Sugar, peas can be eaten pods and all. These peas are meant to grow plump and round. Delicious flavor eaten raw or cooked. Snap peas have crisp pods and juicy seeds inside.

Produces an abundance of little snap peas that are delicious straight from the garden. This was one of our favorite snap peas in our trials at Urban Farmer. Little SnapPea Petite sets dainty, sweet, crunchy pods on a full-sized plant. Productive plants grow well in large containers, small gardens, or large gardens. Expect lots of crunchy, sweet, juicy, edible pod peas in about 65 days. In-ground plants will reach 80 inches, container-grown plants will be smaller. For Pea shoots, this variety grows quickly (10 days) and has delicate round leaves and fresh flavor-tastes just like spring peas! The texture is crisp but tender, and plants have long internodes and smallish leaves.

Looks like a green bean, tastes like a snap pea! Succulent, slender 4” long pods are easier to hold for a sweet healthy treat. Pods are super-sweet and delicious; they may never make it to the kitchen. Plants exhibit good stress tolerance. Suitable for small space gardens.

Sugar Sprint Pea will sprint into the production of delicious peas! This fast maturing, heavy producing pea plant is one of the earliest maturing peas available. This pea variety produces 3" stringless snap peas over a long period. Sugar Sprint is heat tolerant and resistant to powdery mildew.

Opal Creek is a unique cross of a golden snow pea and a green snap pea. Produces a mild pea with flattened pods of a snow pea. Grows on 5-6 foot vines that produce an abundance of delicious yellow pods.

The Super Sugar Pea is an improved original tall snap pea that is bursting with a sugary sweet flavor! This plant variety has a very high yield potential and even better flavor than before being improved, making it a favorite to add to many dishes.

Sugar Ann is a 1984 All America Selections winner! This snap pea variety has an edible pod that offers earliness, productivity, and a compact growth habit. The crisp, sweet succulent 3 inch pods are ready to eat in just 10 to 14 days ahead of the original Sugar Snap, and remain in prime eating condition for days.

The Sugar Magnolia Pea is a beautiful deep purple colored sugar snap pea that is the result of over 15 years of development! This spectacular beauty has a very sweet flavor and is best before the pods get too fat. Make sure that this climbing variety has a trellis, as its sturdy vines reach to be 6-7 feet tall. Add the Sugar Magnolia to fresh salads or as a steamed side dish for a pop of color!

The Sugar Snap Pea is a garden staple pea that has unmatchable taste! This variety has tall vines that with support can grow up to 6 feet plus! The Sugar Snap Pea plant produces 3" long pods that are a 1/2" across, and bear over a long picking period. This is pea is so tasty that people will eat it directly after picking! Sugar Snap yields well in both hot and cold weather.

The Knight Pea is the highest yielding, early maturing pea that we have! This pea variety's vines are short and therefore require no staking. Its huge pods can grow to be 4 inches with up to 10 peas in each pod! Knight is a favorite for its tender and sweet flavor, making it the perfect side dish.

The Early Frosty Pea is an old heirloom that, just like its name suggests, thrives in the colder climates. This variety does great in early spring or short season plantings. The vines are cold hardy and can grow to 30." This pea plant yields 3 1/2” pods filled with 6-7 delicious medium sized peas that are excellent for fresh eating or freezing for later use.

Little SnapPea Crunch is perfect for smaller gardens or container growing! These pea plants are compact yet very productive. Little SnapPea Crunch produces crunchy, sweet, juicy, edible pod peas in about 58-60 days. These peas do well as the weather warms and pea shoots, mature in 13 days and displays very short internodes. Leaves are great as a garnish or as a stand-alone salad green.