Looseleaf Lettuce

Looseleaf Lettuce Seed

Looseleaf lettuce comes in both green and red leaves. They have loose open heads with ruffly tops and crisp stems. Looseleaf is popular variety for home gardens and offers several varieties. The flavor is usually sweet and mild.

The Giant Caesar Lettuce is an amazing bright green looseleaf romaine type that has a buttery sweet flavor similar to a butterhead. This variety's large leaves are easy to pick without any tearing or bruising. The Giant Caesar is heat resistant and will hold its color and flavor well.

The Ruby Red Lettuce is an early variety that produces good yields of bright green to ruby red colored leaves. This beautiful variety is a very heat tolerant lettuce that is slow to bolt. Ruby Red's color does not fade in the hot weather! This lettuce is excellent for adding color to salads or garnishes.

The Seafresh Lettuce was selected for its great heat tolerance! This variety is a great tasting looseleaf lettuce that thrives in hotter climates. The Seafresh Lettuce is a great addition to any garden and will definitely not be a disappointment!

The Deer Tongue Lettuce really does look like a deer tongue! These triangular leaves are excellent for baby salad greens. Deer Tongue lettuce has medium-green leaves that form loose upright heads that are slow to bolt. This is a popular variety with many heirloom growers, as Deer Tongue has been an Amish favorite for decades!

Green Ice is a crispy loose-leaf lettuce that does well in hot weather! This variety produces an abundance of crunchy loose leaves. Green Ice's leaves are curled with deep green color. This lettuce is ready in just 45 days, it is among the earliest, yet will last well into summer thanks to its superior heat tolerance. Green Ice is one loose-leaf that just won't bolt!

The Sunset is a beautiful deep red looseleaf lettuce that is slow to bolt. The very attractive crinkled leaves make it a favorite in any salad or dish. This lettuce was an AAS winner in 1987, and since has been known to be a rare lettuce leaf. The delicious Sunset lettuce is a great variety for home and market growers alike. Certified Organic. Learn more about our organic seeds.

The Garden Leaf Blend is a colorful mix of our very popular lettuce varieties. This blend is a great mixture of lettuce varieties that mature at different times and have multiple colors to give your salad bowl a full pop of color! The Garden Leaf Blend includes Black Seeded Simpson, Oakleaf, Parris Island Cos, Tango, Red Romaine, Ruby and Lolla Rosso Darky

The Midnight Ruffles Lettuce gets its name for being one of the darkest red loose leaf lettuces around! This variety is a delicious new lettuce variety that has extra crinkled leaves, with toothed edges. The Midnight Ruffles hearts are very densely packed for a leaf type, but are so sweet and delicious any salad or dish!

The Sweet Valentine Lettuce is a beautiful bronze-red variety that turns apple-green in the center, making it look and taste sweet! This lettuce starts out as a head lettuce before forming a looseleaf romaine excel. Sweet Valentine holds long into the heat without bolting and is one of the sweetest lettuces around.