(Solanum melongena) Eggplant is easy to grow and produces high yields of nutritious fruits. Growing in popularity in America, eggplants have been staples in India and Asian cuisine. With beautiful purple flowers and handsome glossy fruits, eggplants look beautiful in gardens, borders and pots.

The Pumpkin on a Stick will have you asking "is it a pumpkin, a gourd or a tomato?" but it's actually an ornamental eggplant! This unique delight has been baffling gardeners for over 125 years! These ribbed fruits will resemble a tomato and then a pumpkin once it dries out. This beautiful plant will need to be staked as it can reach 4 feet tall. This prolific plant will yield dozens of little orange fruits. Pumpkin on a Stick is perfect for any indoor decorations or arrangements as it is an autumn staple!

The prolific Florida Market High Bush eggplant is a standard market variety that was bred in Florida in the early 1900s for the commercial use. This eggplant's plant is a vigorous upright well-branched plant that produces large purple egg-shaped fruits that are held high off the ground. The Florida Market High Bush is slightly tapered near the blossom end and broadens out. This variety is disease and drought resistant, hardy and everbearing.

The Rosa Bianca eggplant is a light pink and white marbled eggplant with an excellent flavor! This eggplant is an old Italian heirloom that is 4-5" round with a mild flavored creamy flesh that This variety is adapted to warm nights. The Rosa Bianca is a great cooking variety, making it a wonderful addition to roasts or stews! Certified Organic. Learn more about our organic seeds.

The Little Finger eggplants are slender, petite eggplants that are excellent for grilling and cooking. This eggplant has a dark purple skin is thin and tender with a silky flesh. This variety produces few seeds and a mildly sweet flavor. Harvest when the eggplant is young and glossy. Little Finger is a great variety for container growing and requires very little cooking time since it is so tender.

The Bride eggplant gets its name for its long white and purple blush appearance and white, tender flesh. This variety is very similar to the White Comet, however the Bride is open-pollinated. This Oriental eggplant has a delicate eggplant taste and is bitter free. Bride can be eaten fresh if picked young.

Goya is a large round extra firm eggplant is extremely well suited for preparing pastes, dips, and sauces. It yields very consistent firm fruit with a good shelf life. The fruits are round, to globe-shaped, with a green spineless flat calyx. It is an early variety with a strong growing plant for indoor and outdoor planting.

An early half-long eggplant. Picasso keeps its attractive dark color until the end of the season. Smooth calyx won’t scratch fruit or harvesters. It has a very strong plant and does great in home gardens, market growers and open-field production.

The prolific Louisiana Long Green Eggplant is an attractive banana-shaped variety that has a delicious full-bodied nutty flavor. This Southern heirloom variety is best picked young, with its white slightly green-ish skin, for optimal texture and flavor. This tall eggplant plant produces 8-9 inch long fruits that are slender and easy to cook with.

The Orient Express eggplant is a slender and glossy eggplant that can handle extreme temperatures! This variety is a very beautiful, slim, 10" long, glossy fruit. The Orient Express is early maturing with a tender, delicate flavor. This eggplant is great in a variety of stews and roasts!

Black Beauty eggplant has been a garden staple for over 100 years! This eggplant variety is an immediate hit because the plants ripen perfect fruits dramatically earlier than other varieties. Black Beauty has became the common market eggplant of today! This eggplant can be enjoyed roasted on salads or as a meat substitute but when harvested fresh, however, makes all the difference!

Black Beauty is an early variety eggplant that has been a staple for over 100 years! This hardy favorite is now available in organic seeds. Known as the common market eggplant, it can get up to 1-3 pounds. This tasty organic eggplant is high yielding and will hold its color and flavor well. Enjoy the Black Beauty roasted on salads or as a meat substitute. Certified Organic. Learn more about our organic seeds.

Patio Baby is great for small gardens and containers. Produces edible purple flowers on a compact plant. Patio Baby is a true mini, maintaining proper proportions of fruit white it grows. Thin-skinned 2–3" long fruit with tender flavor, perfect for grilling or roasting. All American Selection.

The Piccolo eggplant is a beautiful and eye catching eggplant. This variety's skin is purple and white striped with firm flesh that is great for stuffing and pickling. Piccolos are plump and oval, about 3×4” in size, that has a great charm and appeal. The Piccolo eggplant is vigorous and productive over a very long season in the open field or greenhouse, and they have a good shelf life!

The Turkish Orange eggplant is a vibrant orange colored eggplant with high yields! This unique variety yields many bright orange tennis ball sized fruits! This eggplant will require support because it's so prolific. The Turkish Orange has a very flavorful, sweet and rich flavor that is perfect for stuffing.

The Galaxy of Stars Eggplant is a breathtaking purple and white variety with a delicious flavor that is out of this world! This plump eggplant variety's unique striations will remind you of a galaxy full of stars. This plant produces fruits that are 3-4 inches long and are topped with a green calyx.

The Casper eggplant gets its name for being a unique ghostly white! This white skinned eggplant produces early 5-7 inch long fruit. Casper has a succulent mushroom-like flavor that is delicious added into soups, stews and roasts. This eggplant variety can grow anywhere in the United States.

The Long Purple eggplant is considered a favorite productive Italian type of eggplant! This eggplant is a an old heirloom that was first brought to America in the 1870's by B.K. Bliss of New York. This variety produces good yields of mildly flavored eggplants that are 8-10" long by 2" wide. The Long Purple has a dark purple and glossy skin with pale white flesh that has few seeds. This variety is the most flavorful and tender when harvested young at 5-6" long. The Long Purple is a great variety for slicing and adding to different Italian dishes, such as lasagna.

The Prosperosa eggplant is an Italian heirloom favorite. These round fruit have a beautiful deep violet pleated skin with a touch of cream under the stem. The 4-5 inch eggplants have a meaty and mild tasting white flesh with a very eggplant texture. The Prosperosa is a favorite for its eye-catching shape and color, making it the perfect addition to any garden!