Vegetable Planting Calendar: Terre Haute, Indiana

Terre Haute, Indiana is located in USDA Hardiness Zone 6. Planting vegetable seeds or transplants at the correct time is important for getting the most out of your garden. Knowing your first and last frost dates will help you start your vegetable seeds at the right time.
Indiana has a fairly limited range of USDA Hardiness Zones, with the state including only zones 5 and 6. Weather increases in heat and zone the further south in the state the gardener goes. Some portions in the very tip of the state is in zone 6, as well as the northeastern corner. Other than those areas, zone 5 includes most of northern and central Indiana and zone 6 includes the southern half of the state. First frost dates don’t begin until October and range from early October to late October depending on which zone you reside in. Last frost dates will vary from mid-April into May. Terre Haute’s first frost date is 10/16 and its last frost date is 4/16.
Use your last and first frost dates below to calculate your planting schedules.
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Terre Haute, Indiana: Zone 6 

Spring Last Frost Date: 4/16

Fall First Frost Date: 10/16

  Spring: Start Seeds Indoors Spring: Direct Sow/Transplant Fall: Start Seeds Indoors Fall: Direct Sow/Transplant
Artichokes 2/19 4/16    
Beans Direct Sow 4/16 Direct Sow 8/7
Beets 2/19 4/2 Direct Sow 8/7">Broccoli 2/19 4/2 6/28 7/28">Brussels Sprouts 2/19 4/2 5/19 6/18
Cabbage 2/5 3/19 6/20 7/18
Carrots Direct Sow 3/26 Direct Sow 7/22
2/19 4/2 6/28 7/28
1/29 4/23 5/29 6/26
Chard 2/19 4/2 Direct Sow 8/12">Collards 2/12 3/19 6/21 7/21">Corn Direct Sow 4/23">Cucumbers Direct Sow 4/16">Eggplant 3/5 4/30">Gourds Direct Sow 4/30">Kale 2/5 3/19 Direct Sow 7/23">Kohlrabi 2/5 3/19 Direct Sow 8/17">Leek 1/22 4/2 5/24 6/28">Lettuce 1/24 3/19 7/8 8/7">Melons Direct Sow 4/30">Okra 3/5 4/30">Onions 1/8 3/19 6/28 8/7">Peas Direct Sow 2/19 Direct Sow 7/8">Peppers 2/19 4/23">Pumpkins Direct Sow 4/30">Radishes Direct Sow 3/12 Direct Sow 9/6">Spinach 1/29 3/5 7/28 8/20">Squash 4/2 4/30">Tomatoes 2/26 4/23">Turnips Direct Sow 3/12 Direct Sow 8/17">Watermelon 4/2 4/30    

Download as a pdf: When to Plant in Terre Haute

*Planting dates are based on past weather data. There is a 10% chance that you will have a frost outside of the range above. Watch local weather for more accurate frost dates. These are the recommended vegetable planting dates. If you have any questions about the calendar dates please give us a call. Urban Farmer offers a large selection of vegetable seeds to gardeners and farmers throughout the United States.