Icebox watermelons weight between 5-15 lbs. Nicknamed Icebox for their smaller size and ability to fit Iceboxes. These watermelons are easy to travel with and have an exceptional sweet flesh. Sugar Baby is the most popular Icebox watermelon.

Cal Sweet Bush
Watermelon Seeds

The Cal Sweet Bush Watermelon is a major patio treat, as this bright red-fleshed bush variety is a personal sized watermelon!

Citron Red Seeded
Watermelon Seeds

The Citron Red Seeded Watermelon got its name for the unique appearance of its yellow citrusy flesh with bright red seeds!

Sugar Baby
Watermelon Seeds
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The only thing big about the little round Sugar Baby Watermelon is the wonderful flavor - rich, juicy and incredibly sweet!

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Bush Sugar Baby
Organic Watermelon Seeds

The Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon is an excellent smaller sized watermelon that is perfect for the home garden and roadside stands.