Fodder Seed

Fodder is the process of germinating seeds and feeding the entire seed and sprout to your animal. Fodder feed is able to transfer the seed’s energy and the plant’s energy to the animal. The most popular fodder seeds are barley, alfalfa, millet, oats, wheat, grain rye, ryegrass, buckwheat, field peas, clover and sorghum. Fodder Rule of thumb is “2% of the animal’s live body weight of fodder per day.” One pound of seed can produce eight pounds of fodder.


The Annual Ryegrass is a very fast growing grass that makes for a great cover crop as its fibrous roots prevent soil erosion and build organic matter!


The Austrian Winter Pea, sometimes called black pea or field pea, is a great cool season legume for cover crops, wildlife and winter grazing!


The Common Buckwheat is a grain that can be planted late spring to early summer and improves top soil and an effective choke weed!


The Common Alfalfa is a somewhat winter hardy perennial legume, but it grows more quickly than other regular alfalfa varieties.


The Crimson Clover is an attractive winter annual that can be planted fall or early spring and will protect and improve the soil.

Jerry Oats

The Jerry Oats is a grain that is a quick growing green manure that will kill off any winter weeds and will hold soil with a mat of vegetation!


The Packer Forage Pea, or Canadian field pea, is a cool-season legume that is used for cover crops, wildlife and winter grazing!

Pearl Millet

The Pearl Millet is a very tall grass that can reach to be 15 feet tall that is used as a multiple cut forage grass and green manure.


The Sideoats Grama is a warm-season bunchgrass grain variety that is easy to grow and native throughout much of North America.


The Thoroughbred Barley is a widely adapted variety of barley that is high yielding, with a great straw strength and a high test weight.


The White Dutch Clover is a perennial clover variety that is a customer favorite for controlling erosion while protecting the soil!