We now offer a large variety of houseplants to keep your green finger growing all year round. We have indoor trees, evergreens, palms and succulents. Many of these houseplants help with clean air indoors as well. All of our houseplants currently come in seed form so you can have full control from the start. Shop for houseplant seeds.

A beautifully bold, shiny, dark green palmate leaves more than 1' across, forms a large, rounded, open shrub, white flowers in fall, should be grown in bright, indirect light. Often grown as a house plant, native to Japan. Also know as paper plant. Seed Germination: Find a bright, indirect spot within your home. Plant 1/8" below soil and keep soil 80F with heat mat. Keep soil moist and avoid drying out. Should germinate within 2-4 weeks.

Does well as an indoor house plant. Strong and durable foliage grows well with indirect light indoors. Also does well in containers outdoors. Sensational foliage is uniquely shaped with a stunning color combination; avocado green background, marbled with steel gray, maroon veins, stems, and leaf backside all on deeply cut, maple shaped leaves.

This is a very popular choice for a decorative and functional indoor plant and it's one plant that can remain indoors all year long. It has a reputation for being particularly versatile to pruning and can handle being root bound. Seed Germination: Keep seeds on top of soil and with indirect light. Keep soil 75-80F.

Princess Mabel is a stunning, Chlorophytum (Spider) plant, with an vigorous upright, habit. Has colorful leaves that have striking bright orange petioles that illuminate the centre of the plant, creating a spectacular contrast with its deep green pointy leaves. Princess Mabel easily adapts to varying dry or humid climate conditions. Chlorophytum is well-known for being an easy-care houseplant with air-purifying qualities. Also known as Manderin plant, Siera Leone lily or Spider plant. Seed Germination: Plant at least 2-3 seeds per pot. Bottom heat is helpful. Takes 7-21 days to germinate.

Packs a big punch for a dwarf shrub. Its lovely pyramidal form and vibrant chartreuse foliage are a terrific decorative accent indoors or out. As an added treat, the foliage has a refreshing lemony scent that adds a light touch of fragrance to a room. Growing Cypress in a container limits its growth. Seed Germination: Plant 1/4" below soil and keep soil 60-70F.

Philodendron selloum is beautiful tropical foliage plant with a vigorous growth habit. This Philodendron has large, deeply lobed leathery leaves. P. selloum is a non-vining Philodendron and can grow to colossal size. As a houseplant, this easy-care, self-heading Philodendron easily fills up an empty space with its tropical vibe. In addition, it is a great air-purifier. Philodendron selloum is commonly known as Lace Tree Philodendron. Seed Germination: Plant the seeds 1/4” deep with 2-3 seeds per container. Cover the soil with plastic to maintain the humidity and keep soil temperature around 70F. The seeds should germinate in 3-6 weeks.

Bimble Box has oval-shaped, dark green leaves with a significant menthol scent. Produces beautiful foliage that is used in cut-flower arrangements. Also makes great dry flower bouquets. Common names for Eucalyptus populnea are: Bimble box; Gum Tree, Gomboom, Poplar box and Bimbil box.

Tauerii is a stunning, tropical foliage plant, with large, heart-shaped leaves with lots of perforations. Tauerii is a dwarf-type Monstera and particularly develops its leaf perforations early. This plant tends to set earlier than other Monsteras. Monstera deliciosa Tauerii is well-suited as a decorative houseplant. Monstera deliciosa Tauerii is commonly known as Swiss cheese plant. Prefers full to partial sun. Seed Germination: Plant at least 2-3 seeds per pot. Bottom heat is helpful. Takes 14-28 days to germinate.

Arabian is a coffee plant with a compact, bushy and upright habit. Coffea arabica is appreciated for its attractive shiny, dark green leaves. This compact Coffea arabica makes for a great houseplant. Kept as a houseplant, it’s unlikely to produce its scented flowers and its coffee bean containing fruits, but it is for sure a great conversation starter. Also helps purify the air indoors. Seed Germination: soak the beans for 48 hours before sowing. After soaking, place the seeds on top of the planting medium but do not cover them as light facilitates seed germination. Germination may take 4-8 weeks.

Baby Blue is a eucalyptus tree with sickle shaped dark green leaves. Mainly used for production of floral arrangements and foliage. Eucalyptus globulus is commonly known as: Tasmanian Blue Gum; Blue gum; Southern blue gum; Tasmanian blue gumtree.

'Baby Blue' or also know as 'Silver Dollar' is a common florist's staple as a bouquet filler. This plant is known for its long stems with rounded leaves in shades of dusty green. Great for bouquets, wreaths or drying. Eucalyptus has a lovely menthol-like fragrance. A tender perennial in USDA zones 9–11 but mainly grown by florist as an annual. As an annual, plants reach about 24"–48", but it can become a 35'-tall tree over time where perennial. This plant is very drought and heat tolerant once established.

Living stone plants (Lithops species) are native to South Africa, where they grow among rocks. Mixed lithops are succulents with green, blue and red-brown skin tones. Living stones are small plants, often only 1/2" to 1" in diameter. Very little water is needed and oo much water can kill the plants. Yellow or white flowers appear towards the end of the growing season. Generally grown as houseplants. Seed Germination: Sprinkle lithops seeds over the surface and cover with a fine layer of sand or vermiculite. Keep lightly moist. Germination should occur within 4-10 days.

Confetti Compact White is a fun, tropical foliage plant, with a neat and compact habit and a very playful look. It has heart-shaped leaves, with colorful dark green and white speckles and blotches. Hypoestes makes for a great evergreen houseplant and helps purify the indoor air. Also know as the Polka dot plant, Baby’s Tears, Flamingo plant and Freckle Face. Seed Germination: Make sure to keep soil warm above 70F. Can take between 4-14 days to germinate.

Grevillea robusta, or Silver Oak, is fast-growing evergreen tree. This decorative stunner has beautiful dense, silvery fern-like foliage. Grevillea is super versatile and is a beautiful indoor houseplant that is very adaptable to conditions. Seed Germination: Seeds should be soaked in water for 48 hours before sowing. Make sure to keep soil warm above 70F. Can take between 1-2 months to germinate.

Produces an abundance of large, round leaves with silvery blue-green colors. A great foliage for fresh cutting and use in dried arrangements.

A fun indoor plant that will need vine support. A fast growing vine, especially in the tropics, the passion fruit can grow over 20ft in a single year. This fern has tiny, oval-shaped leaves that give a soft evergreen appearance. This plant can be grown indoors as a hanging plant or as a guided climber. Also does a great job at purifying indoor air. Seed Germination: Soak seeds in water 24-48 hours before planting. Plant 1/2" below soil and keep soil 75-80F.

Yucca rostrata is an eyecatching tree-like desert plant with a thick trunk. It has a showy rosette of thin, sharp pointy leaves on top of the trunk, in a grey or bluish/green color. The slow-growing Yucca rostrata is very hardy and great for patios and indoor growing. In summer it can grow clusters of white, bell-shaped flowers. Seed Germination: Soak the seeds in water for 24 hours before planting. Plant the seeds 1/4” deep with 2-3 seeds per container. Cover the soil with plastic to maintain the humidity and keep soil temperature around 70F. The seeds should germinate in 4-8 weeks.

This beautiful tropical palm plant is most commonly found in households. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration. Grows fast and can fill up any corner of the home. Also great at air purification indoors. Seed Germination: We suggest stratifying the seeds, place them in a bag with coarse sand and shake for 2 minutes. Also light scuffing with sand paper works too. Soak seeds in warm water for 24 hours before planting in soil. Place 2-3 seeds per pot. Seeds should germinate within 10-28 days.