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Grow your own home tobacco plant free of additives! These heirloom tobacco plants have been around for years and grow great in home gardens.

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How to Grow Tobacco

Comstock Spanish is an heirloom variety classified as a cigar binder but also makes an excellent wrapper. It was developed in Wisconsin in the late 1800's after the civil war. It is believed it was developed from Wisconsin Havana Seed but was called a "spanish" variety, named after a pioneer grower. It grows to a height of 4 1/2' with leaves 12"-14" wide and 24"-26" long. Maturity is in 45-50 days. Plants average 20-22 harvestable leaves which are strong and have good elasticity when cured. The leaves droop downward with down turned edges when ripe.

Lancaster Seed Leaf, grown extensively around Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and is classified as a cigar filler. But its large leaves make it a good binder or wrapper as well. Cures to a deep brown color. The upper leaf can produce excellent "Pennsylvania maduro," for pipe blending. Yields an average of 3 ounces of cured leaf per plant. Days to Maturity: 55-60, Plant Height: 50-60", Leaf Count: 17-19.

Walkers Broad Leaf is an heirloom cigar variety dating back to the 1880's, said to have originally been developed from the Maryland Broad Leaf. It grows to 6' in height and matures in 55-60 days. The leaves are from 12" to 16" wide and 20" to 24" in length, turning a light green and mottled when ripe. It can be used as a wrapper, binder or filler.

The American 14 Tobacco is Bright Leaf tobacco variety that is imported from Ukraine that will produce 30 leaves per plant. This variety is a tall plant reaching 6' or more in height and is drought tolerant and sunburn resistant. Each American 14 leaf can reach 30" long and 15" wide.

A hardy dark Virginian tobacco that grows fast, with long, thick, narrow leaves. The leaves turn under at the tips giving it a horn like shape. It has a rich, full flavor and is good for cigarettes, pipes and cigars. Stag Horn grows up to 6 feet in height and matures in about 65 days. The leaves air cure to a deep reddish brown.

The Big Gem Tobacco is an heirloom Bright Leaf variety that has a great production of over 25 large, bright green leaves per plant. This tobacco variety reaches 5.5' or more in height and each leaf can reach 30" long and 18" wide. The Big Gem is drought tolerant and sunburn resistant.

Most commonly used as a cigar binder but may be used as a filler or pipe tobacco blend or in cigarettes. It produces large leaves, has a tight upright columnar form.

An heirloom dark tobacco with a rich full flavor. It's often fire cured for use as a pipe or cigar tobacco. Its deep colored green leaves air cure to a dark brown. It grows 5 feet in height and matures early.

Bursa is one of the largest and heaviest producing varieties of Turkish tobacco, growing up to 8' with 30-34 harvestable leaves per plant. It's best to use staking for this giant tobacco. The unique flavor is spicy and sweet and the smoke is fragrant and highly aromatic. Bursa is an excellent tobacco for a pipe or blending in cigarettes.

An heirloom tobacco that originates from Maryland. A high yielding crop with sharp pointed leaves. Catterton will grow to over 30" tall and 16" wide when mature. Air cures easily to a rich reddish brown color. A medium flavored smoke which is excellent for cigarettes alone, or as a blend. Also used in cigars and pipe tobaccos.

Fast growing, early maturing tobacco plant. Matures to about 4-5 feet in height and has thick, waxy, dark green leaves.

An old heirloom from Virginian that has gained in popularity over the years. It grows to over 6' tall and is a high yielder of leaves averaging 20" inches long by 12" wide. Used mainly as a cigarette tobacco for its mild flavor, or as a pipe blend.

Little Cuba is a small bush like plant that matures very early. Blooms first appear in 28 days. Clipping the blooms will encourage more growth from below and 3-4 new branches will grow up to 3'-4' high. This will increase the yield of this small Cuban type tobacco and a second bloom will appear at about 60 days. The leaves are between 7"-10" in width and 10"-14" long. Leaves appearing before the first bloom will ripen first becoming a mottled yellow with yellow edges.

Florida Sumatra is an heirloom tobacco that makes an excellent cigar wrapper when shade grown. It grows to 6 feet in height with leaves averaging 24 inches long and 15 inches wide.

Gold Leaf 939 is a bright leaf Virginia type tobacco with very good yields of leaf averaging 12" wide by 20" long. It grow 5-6 feet in height with closely spaced leaves and matures in 60 to 65 days. It has excellent uniformity between plants which makes it easy to manage. Suckering is very low. The leaves turn yellow as it ripens, and air cure to a light golden brown.

Ohio Dutch is classified as a cigar filler but also makes an excellent pipe tobacco. It grows to a height of 4-5 feet with long narrow pointed leaves reaching 30" in length and 10" in width.

KY15 is a white stemmed high yielding Kentucky Burley. It has multiple disease resistance with excellent yield potential. Forms a plant with closely packed leaves with almost no suckers. Leaves turn yellow as they ripen, curling down around the edges. Excellent for curing and hanging stalks. The leaves dry to a light orange brown. Highly resistant to tobacco mosaic virus, wild-fire, and black root rot. Medium to high resistance to Fusarium wilt and tolerance to TEV.

Sacred Cornplanter is a very hardy fast grower and produces some of the largest leaves among Rustica varieties. It grows to about 3' in height and matures in under 50 days. Like other Rusticas, it has a high nicotine content but the leaves produce a very light and mild smoke. It makes a good addition to blends where a mild flavor but a higher nicotine content is desired.