Flower Seed

Shop and grow a beautiful selection of annual and perennial flower seeds. Try growing flowers for containers, cut flowers, or edible flowers!

The Excelsior Mix Digitalis is a tall and elegant flower that produces a very lovely mixture of tubular flowers alternating in color. This variety also serves as a good border flower. The Excelsior Mix does very well in moist, shady areas where little else grows!

The Tall Mix Morning Glory is a combination of beautifully colored morning glories with heart shaped leaves and fuzzy vines that are super easy to grow! The Morning Glory is one of the most popular flowering vines and this variety produces a profusion of 4" inch, trumpet shaped flowers of indigo blue, maroon and white. These tall vines can grow up to 10+ feet tall! This mix blooms during the early morning hours and closes once the afternoon sun reaches them. The Tall Mix is attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies and also easily self-seeds.

The Crimson Rambler Ipomoea is one of the most popular flowering vines that produces a profusion of beautiful pink 4" trumpet-shaped flowers. These dense vines can grow to be 15 feet longer!

The Humulus, or known as hops, is a climbing variety that produces green flowers that are most commonly used for brewing beer. The hops are what gives the beer its balance and depth as well as its bitterness.

The Grandpa Ott Ipomoea is a classic Morning Glory that produces beautiful deep purple blooms with a small, bright pink center! This favored variety is a tall growing vine flower that will climb up walls and fences. The Grandpa Ott's beautiful blooms open up to reveal its lovely petals. This variety is one of the easiest morning glories to grow!

The Mixed Maverick Geranium is a wonderful assortment of vigorous and colorful geranium hybrids that produce big 5-6" blooms! The Mix Maverick is the best Geranium to grow from seed in 4-6" containers. It is excellent for high density growing and takes 13 weeks to be ready from seed. The Mix Maverick's garden performance is superior to other varieties, with well-branched plants that grow to be 16 to 18" tall.

Purple Diamond offers superb garden performance in spring and autumn with its high uniformity in plant habit. Produces beautiful purple petals that bloom for an extended time. The Diamond is an early series, blooming simultaneously on main and lateral stems with flower size of 1.5 inches in diameter. Ht. 6-10". Avg. 32,500 seeds/oz. Packet: 50 seeds.

The Heavenly Blue Ipomoea produces an abundance of big blooms of radiant blue flowers with cheery white throats that always attract attention! The Heavenly Blue variety is what most people picture when they think of Morning Glories. The soft blooms offer a delicate color on a vigorous, dense and carefree vine. The cheery white eye adds to the appeal of these blooms, which swirl open in the morning and then close again in afternoon.

Head turning red blooms that make a beautiful display! Scarlet Sage is a perennial in Southern states and an annual in Northern climates. Blooms appear continuously from early summer to first frost. Trim them back and a new flush of blooms will appear. Hummingbirds cannot leave these magnificent blooms alone.

The Strawberry Digitallis is a vigorous and heavy-bearing perennial foxglove that produces beautiful, large blooms of deep "strawberry" pink. This variety is the longest lived foxglove on the market today.

Beautiful purple and white bicolor bell-shaped blossoms on bright green foliage. 12-18" stems add movement and interest to arrangements. If cut back regularly these flowers will bloom continuously. A 5-7 day vase life once cut so these do best in casual bouquets or home cutting gardens. Also a favorite for hummingbirds in pollinator gardens. Also known as flowering tobacco.

Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean, also known as Lablab purpureus or simply Hyacinth Bean, is a unique and versatile legume known for its vibrant appearance and culinary potential. This heirloom variety is named for its striking ruby-red pods and dark green foliage, making it an attractive addition to both ornamental and edible gardens. Ruby Moon Hyacinth Beans are typically grown as annuals, but in tropical regions, they can be perennial. In terms of taste, the young pods and seeds of Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean are edible and have a mild, nutty flavor similar to green beans. They can be consumed both raw and cooked. However, it's important to note that mature seeds contain toxic compounds and should not be eaten without proper processing. Ruby Moon Hyacinth Beans have a rich history, with their cultivation dating back centuries, primarily in Asia and Africa. They are valued not only for their culinary uses but also for their ability to fix nitrogen in the soil, enhancing soil fertility. This plant is categorized as a warm-season annual and typically matures in about 60-90 days, depending on growing conditions. The size of the Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean plant can vary, but it generally reaches a height of 6-10 feet, making it suitable for trellises or fences. When it comes to yield, you can expect approximately 10-15 pounds of pods per plant or around 800-1,200 pounds per acre under ideal conditions. These beans thrive in full sun and well-drained soil, and they require a warm climate to grow successfully. Adequate moisture and support for climbing are essential for a bountiful harvest. With proper care, Ruby Moon Hyacinth Beans can be a delightful addition to your garden, offering both visual appeal and a tasty, nutritious addition to your plate.

The darkest red amaranth we offer makes it perfect for autumn arrangements. This amaranth is much different from the long droopy caudatus types with more upright and feathery blooms. When plants are young and leaves are tender, the foliage makes a nice edible green.

Red Plume is a great filler in floral arrangements. Highly productive plant with maroon plumes on long, strong stems feature small, paper-thin seed pods. Also known as orach and orache.

A gorgeous ornamental grass that has broader leaves and darker flower heads. Reaches a height of 24" so smaller than other similar species. In late summer graceful fountain-like smoky purple-black plumes emerge in profusion and contrast nicely with the slender arching, glossy, deep green foliage. Commonly referred to as Black Fountain Grass or Dwarf Purple Fountain Grass.

A large reed-like plant with long dark green stems that produce male and female flowers. Flowers are dark brown and can sometimes appear almost black. Individual flowers are almost microscopic and can number anywhere from 50 to over 500 flowers per stem.

Also know as Bush Bluestem, this perennial grass is a tufting, sturdy, warm-season grass that will grow up to 4'. The foliage has a reddish tint. Interesting, beard-like flowers appear in fall. This plant prefers moist to damp sites and is not drought tolerant.

A common grass in wet or moist habitats in temperate to cold temperatures. The stems of sedges are solidly filled with pith, and do not have nodes. They are triangular in cross section. The leaves are arranged in three rows, with sheaths usually fused around the stem. Leaf blades of sedges are usually grass-like; with evergreen or semi-evergreen foliage.