Sunflower Seed

Helianthus (Sunflowers) are always customer favorites because of their beautiful color, large size and ease of growing. Easily create a beautiful border or field of sunflowers for everyone to marvel at.

The Vincent's Fresh Sunflower is a beautiful, non nodding, pollen-free variety that is sure to be your new garden favorite! This long-lasting and eye-catching sunflower does not depend on daylength to grow, so you can start the seeds much earlier! Vincent's Fresh can reach about 5 feet high and produce large gold blooms with a pale green center. Enjoy Vincent's Fresh in your garden and in your home as a cut flower!

The Zohar Sunflower is a beautiful sunflower with bright, golden orange petals that grow on a single stem and are pollen-less. This uniform, early sunflower variety has 4-6" blooms on long stems.

The False Sunflower is a very beautiful, early blooming flower that will brighten up any landscape and can be enjoyed from June until August. This very hardy plant that can survive in most climates and soil types. The False Sunflower is an early variety that is aggressive and therefore may not be suitable for small landscape plantings. This variety is a short-lived perennial.

The Lemon Queen Sunflower produces an abundance of bright, pale yellow blooms surrounding a dark chocolate brown center. This variety produces 4" blooms that look lovely in a bouquet or vase.

The chocolatey brown and honey gold petals of the Shock-o-lat adds rich "shocking" shades to any bouquet, as this sunflower makes for a great cut flower! It is suitable for fresh and dried arrangements. This sunflower blooms in the summer and can reach up to 6 feet tall, so it might need staking to hold up its big heavy blooms. The Shock-o-lat is easy to grow and perfect for attracting birds away from other plants in the garden.

The beautiful giant golden flowerhead of the Elite Sun Sunflower is ideal to use as a border around a garden or even in large containers. This annual blooms its bright yellow flowers all summer long! The Elite Sun is a shorter Sunflower that can grow to be around 3 feet tall. This sunflower is easy to grow and its seeds can be toasted for a delicious snack!

The Autumn Beauty Sunflower produces a stunning mixture of bright warm colored sunflowers that look amazing together in a bouquet. This variety is a strong stemmed bloom that grows on tall branching plants producing an abundance of cut flowers for casual bouquets. The Autumn Beauty's unusual colors vary from deep yellow to gold and from brick red to burgundy, as well as bicolor flowers with yellow on red or brown on yellow.

The Sunflower All Sorts Mix is a beautiful combination of some of the greatest different sunflower varieties that are absolutely stunning together! This mix is the perfect blend of size and beauty will make any landscape breathtaking! The All Sorts Mix includes Autumn Beauty, Grey Stripe, Lemon Queen, Sungold Tall, Sungold Dwarf (Teddy Bear), Sunspot Dwarf and Velvet Queen.

The Velvet Queen Sunflower produces huge, beautiful velvety red blooms that are absolutely unforgettable in the garden or a vase. This variety can measure up to 8 inches across and will very freely bloom all summer long. The Velvet Queen is truly the queen of sunflowers!

The creamy white and golden blossoms with the deep chocolate center of the Italian White Sunflower look beautiful in any garden or bouquet. These tall sunflowers are drought and heat tolerant, making them easy to care for! The Italian White will attract butterflies and birds year after year. Enjoy the beautiful multiple blooms all summer long and even into early fall.

The easy to grow Earthwalker Sunflower adds a beautiful warm pop of burnt orange, coppery brown and rusty red to any garden or bouquet! This sunflower has multiple side branches and can grow up to 6 feet tall. The Earthwalker is a sun-loving annual that is ideal for most soil types. Enjoy the beautiful blooms all summer long and into early fall!

The soft, golden cushion-like blooms of the Teddy Bear Sunflower make for wonderful cut flowers that will brighten up any home! These smaller sunflowers are ideal to use as a border around larger flowers or in a patio container. Enjoy the Teddy Bear's blooms during the spring and into the summer! Popular among kids, this sun-loving annual sunflower is easy to grow.