Cover Crops

Cover Crops

Cover crops are a staple in sustainable agriculture. They are low cost, easy to maintain, and earth-friendly. In the end, planting cover crop seed benefits the soil, the crop, and the grower. Shop a large selection of forage, green manure, nitrogen fixation, and no-till cover crops.

The Knuckle Purple Hull is a bush type cowpea producing heavy yields of purple pods. Cowpeas in general are great for drying and canning. This variety tends to stay off the ground and cluster making for easy picking. This cowpea is referred to as a "Knuckle Hull" because of the big, plump cowpeas. Try with cowpea inoculant for maximum Nitrogen fixation.

Inoculants help free nitrogen from the air and into a usable form for plants. Seed Inoculants are able to convert and use this "free" nitrogen from the air into a usable form for the plant. This natural process gives your garden legumes the ability to provide their own organic fertilizer. Resulting in a more bountiful yield. Naturally. Natural, dry, peat-based cultures of beneficial bacteria. Treats up to 8 lbs. of beans, peas, vetch and more. OMRI/Organic.

The Sadandy cowpea is a heavy yielding Southern pea great for fresh shelling. The Sadandy variety is very similarly to 'Texas Cream' but the peas are slightly smaller. These bush-type plants are prolific and thrive in hotter, Southern weather. The Sadandy is a "cream pea" type variety, they are generally used at the fresh shelling stage. If you are using for Nitrogen fixation we highly recommend using a cowpea inoculant.

The Black Crowder cowpea is a high yielding variety of long pods. The cowpeas themselves have a deep purple color when first shelled which then turn black when dried. The Black Crowder's green pods are easy to shell. Try with cowpea inoculant for maximum Nitrogen fixation.