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Wheat Seed

Mainly grown as a cash crop, winter wheat provides most of the cover crop benefits of other grains, as well as a grazing option before spring tilling. Wheat is slower to mature than most grains, so there is no rush to kill it early in spring. It is increasingly grown instead of rye because it is cheaper and easier to manage in spring. It works well in no-till or reduced-tillage systems.

The Winter Wheat is a cool weather grain that is quick to germinate, cold tolerant and is adaptable to a wide range of soils! This wheat can be sown in late summer for erosion control and tilled under in early spring to add organic matter. The Winter Wheat is winter hardy nearly anywhere, and won't go to seed until its second year of growth. Use: Erosion Control, Green Manure, Nitrogen Scavenger, No Till, Weed Suppression