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Vetch Seed

Hairy vetch is widely known as a top legume for Nitrogen fixation. Foliage grows slowly in fall, but root development continues over winter in Southern states. Growth speeds up in spring, when hairy vetch becomes a sprawling vine up to 12 feet long. Field height will not get above 3 feet. Thick foliage suppresses spring weeds.

When sown late summer, the Hairy Vetch spring regrowth is vigorous and nitrogen-producing, for tilling in before planting spring garden crops. You can sow with or without grain, grass or field peas! The typical nitrogen produced of this legume is 100 lbs. per acre. The Hairy Vetch has rapid growth that makes it a good weed suppressant. Uses: Bees & Beneficial Insects, Chicken Forage, Deer Attractant, Erosion Control, Forage, Green Manure, Nitrogen Fixation, No Till, Weed Suppression

A multipurpose cover crop blend that is sowed in spring! A cover crop blend is great for nitrogen fixation, adding organic matter and weed suppression. This mix will quickly improve soil to maximize the benefits of cover crops for your garden. Should be inoculated for best results. (60% Field Pea, 25% Oats, 15% Hairy Vetch) Seed Coverage: - 5 lbs covers 2,000-4,000 sqaure feet - 100 lbs covers 1-2 acres Uses: Green Manure, Nitrogen Fixation, No Till, Organic Matter (Biomass), Weed Suppression